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28 Ara 2020

A long, very long way has been cut to reach that moment. What if everyone is busy making everything, how can anyone perfect anything? We start to confuse appropriateness with rejoicing, opulence with choice. Planning something requests focus, the most important thing we think about is what do we want people to sense?
Pleasure, abruptness, passion, communication & cooperation. Then, we begin to carpenter our determination. It takes time ... There a million of no's for each yes. We facilitate, we complete, we perfect & we start all over again until everything we contact promotes each life. Only then do we mark our duty.
I present you, humbly, our server SilkRoad-R. We'll be being asked why we had chosen this last? Simply, because it is the replica of the real SilkRoad-R but with the different kind of sauces made by the private server ambiance. People, nowadays, pretend a good and successful is that one who got more features and genuinely-made like made in many of those servers who had succeeded but after awhile, they failed. Their makers pretend to have the most-entirely best private server made ever.
After fixing my eyes a lot on many of those, after working very hard in that dark silent with my partner in order to renovate that fake idea. We admitted our mistakes, we worked roughly to fix them and we tried to create a crevice and a massive fissure between us and them.
We, from this thread and this global post with the first contact between you and us. We transfer a kind message to everyone that it is all over, a new page has just been created.
Proudly, I always wanted to talk with audacity and friendly in the first point with all our readers (= used to love to be some kind of author / writer). Lemme note you from the beginning, I'll write lots of paragraphs. In the first time, I'd like to talk about the server in general. Before we start talking about anything, I'd like to inform you that this one is very clean and unoveredited server which pushes everyone to enjoy for once the simplicity of a real Silkroad game play and which we wished for.
The more a server is full of overediting stuffs and unprofessional systems that would in the first way affects and alters the server stability and its easy and simple gameplay that we always would like to play. The server is based on the original cSRO-R files which are almost and nearly the original files of a real SilkRoad-R gameplay. Not only, but also our files are very clean, strong and powerful and million time better than the fail vSRO files which are used all over the whole scene and are, unprofessionally, made. Our files are enhanced by a strong root server and vigorous protection.
In the second time, I'd like to talk about our quite small and modest team which consists of only two professional partners who worked hardly to create the server. We believe that the bigger the team is, the bigger the mess is. We may not be well-known or some kind of famous developers who pretend to be professional in front everyone in order to take their coins from our pocket. I announce it, from the beginning, that we simply have a quite free server system which won't let you to pick up like an idiot all the money you've to buy silks. It will resemble more to a donation or a grant, some kind of a gift which keeps the server alive in front a gift too.
We're people who had gathered numerous of experiences in a diversity of dissimilar domains by working more than two years on a complete server workshop. Our immortal amalgamation of innovative association and arrangement of ideas who commanded us by opening a simple perfect server. We talked about the reason, but we want to encourage our goal and support it. This will be achieved by your help and your support.
Our server resides on the right side, the side that Silkroad should reside on and should be. The server respects in together the Jobbing, Events, PvP / PVE and everything else. Our server is a very and quite long-term server that means that we've calculated it exactly that you can make it and reach the max level [140] in less than [30] day if you played every day 6 hours by plvling. We hope that the server party match list to be full [7/7] with the old system of taxes and in the same time we encourage the old professional players to plvl the new players by creating an academy. That academy system that has been ignored a lot, alot. We rehabilitated it to be in the mood to work the same but better way in SilkRoad.
We've restified the server as to force every and each one in the server to be active the whole day and night. The server events are diffused all around the server, so you'll be able to enjoy our simple gameplay during the server events. In the final place, I desire to write few last words that the server is, software and hardware, physically and morally, divided in three phases. The phases of the server launch are divided in three phases: Test Beta, Fixing Time and Official Release. That would let the server to be efficient and to run smoothly after the server launch. We want every one to open his mouth and spread all of his problems during the normal gameplay at the forum. We'll try to fix everything as to satisfy the players' needs. Immediately, after everything is done, we'll launch at moment. The same concept is going with the server upgrading cap and system. As anticipated that SilkRoad has contracted to limit its game at the max level which was decided to be lv. [140], here we're!
I, by your support and your shore, declare proudly the server initiation! Hold your selves SilkRoad-R had arrived! WORK HARD, PLAY HARDER!

Server Links

Well, lemme expand your mind about what is this exactly. Officially, a successful server must pass this phase or these phases, in general. During 2 days, we'll open the server only for testing and for experiencing a good gameplay. Any problem must be immediately reported to the server administration through the forum or different help systems. Lemme give more info about this. Any character will be, after the test beta, deleted and the whole database will be erased and cleaned. In the fifth day at night, we'll close the server first, we'll collect all the bugs / glitches reported, we'll begin to fix them third and finally, we'll open the server.

In this phase, this is important one of all. To be honest and fair in the same time, if this phase doesn't exist in all, there won't be any kind of improvement. How'ever, we've provided that idea since we've found lots of servers dying from the first moment because of stupid bugs or lags, or some useless glitches. Well, we've already made everything perfect. But, we may have missed something, we're willing to hear from you everything. Not only the bugs we care about, but also your voices and your suggestions. That's why I'd like to hide this picture in the spoiler, expand it to know what I mean. Anyways, I forget. This phase's period will be approximately 1 or 2 days maximum according to the much of suggestions or bugs we've collected. That's all, clear too, I hope so.

As the pictures, up here, announces clearly about the server official launch which will be after 2 days of Test Beta plus 2 days of Fixing Beta who will talk in minimum around 5 days as estimated. But, we may increase the days aswell in case something that we don't expect had happened. Well, I'm sure that nothing will happen, but if we got lots, lots of suggestions about the server game play or such bugs that we didn't discover by luck, we may increase the days. But, anyways, there will be 1 days after the Fixing Beta in order to have a clean server. During the official launch, I guarantee that the server will shine, will be very clean with a strong server database plus a very clean one. How'ever, no need to talk much about this. It's a very clear phase that doesn't need much explanation, by the way. That's all!

Server Team
[GM] Que | 28 | Male | English | Canada | Server Owner | Forum Owner | Server Developer | All the CMD's are available. Que | 28 | Male | English | Canada | Server Owner | Forum Owner | Server Developer | All the CMD's are available.
"I may not be well known in SilkRoad, anyways. But, I'm that one who don't speak much. I prefer to be silent more than to talk with anyone. Lemme tell you alil bit about myself and my character. Love to work alone or with a friend silently, I'm quite strict in my personal life.One of my hobbies that I do love is Mathematics, I always wanted to be a mathematician but I failed to. I was going to form a new theory I don't have an exact favorite sport, but I go to GYM from time to time, or better very frequently, day by day.Id like to keep my safe healthier than to have a stupid lazy ass.Anyways, feel free to ask me anytime, I'll answer you in a moment. Peace! "

Server RootHyper Filter Protection.
WindowsW-Server 2019, 64-bit Operating System.
Server Internet Connection Map1024 MB, 1 GB.
Server Capacity1000 Slots.
Server FileOriginal cSRO-R (SILKROAD_R_ORIG).
Server Version1.010
Server PurposePvE / PvP / TRD / FW / FGW.
Server Cap140
Server Degree14D
Server RaceEuropean & Chinese.
Skill Mastery Cap140
Skill EU Mastery Cap280
Skill CH Mastery Cap280
Solo Experience Rate200x
Solo SP Experience Rate80x
Party Experience Rate300
Party SP Experience Rate120x
Drop Rate70x
GoldDrop Rat60x
Berzerk Rate5x
Drop Specialty Goods Box Rate2x
Drop Tokens Rate2x
SOX RateCustom
Job Rate20x
Alchemy Rate1x
Jupiter Quests Experience1.5x
Jupiter Quests Gold4x
Jupiter Quests SP4x
Job Quests Experience2x
Arabia Quests Experience2x
Arabia Quests Gold4x
Arabia Quests SP4x
Stall & Consignment
Forgotten World (Togui Village)
Forgotten World (Flame Mountain)
Forgotten World (Shipwreck)
Forgotten World Rate3x
Hotan Fortress
Jangan Fortress
Bandit Fortress
Capture the Flag
Battle Arena Random (Flag / Score)
Battle Arena Party (Flag / Score)
Battle Arena Guild (Flag / Score)
Battle Arena Job (Flag / Score)

Well. In a word, I'll write all of the resources and items you get when you start the game. And, a punch of few pictures that are successive to show you photo by photo the start's vision. That's all.

* Premium Gold Time Beginner [3] days.
* Circus Bear Summon Scroll [3] days.
* Instant Resurrection Scroll (20x).
* Reverse Return Scroll (20x).
* Beginner scroll of movement Scroll (50x).
* Beginner scroll of experience (100%) (3x).
* Beginner scroll of experience (150%) (3x).
* Monk's Token (100x).
* Devil's Spirit B grade (based on your gender) [3] days.
* Buffs (Beginner scroll of movement 100%) [60] minutes.

Supplies System

Nowadays, most of people has the auto-equipment system. Since we told ya that our server is especially-made and had a very simple game play. The supplies support quests from first degree to the fifth (= levels 1/16/26/41/46/51) and those supplies covers the additional provisions (HP / MP / Arrow / Bolt / Abnormal State potions). Our supplies system is much better than an altered auto-equipment system which varies the server stability from time to time. We've covered the complains, in addition, of this system by doing this better one. Not like the others. Nothing more to add or to say, lemme explain you in a moment with pictures how everything runs. Our goods supplies's gift quests from first degree to seventh degree (= levels 1/8/16/24/32/42/52/64) and those supplies contains everything (= Weapons / Sets / Accessories). Not only, we've even additional supplies which can help you during the game play to resist from mobs' attack and to keep p-leveling without kind of annoy. Nothing more, let's show some small pictures.
Chinese goods / supplies quests.

European goods / supplies quests.

Token System
Awesome feature, professionally made and a pure SRO-R system. Lemme elucidate this one, we've 3 kinda of Token's Items Monk's Token, Soldier's Token and General's Token. We've been always straight, so that we've made those tokens 100 percent droppable. Well, you can get Monk's Token from mobs (lv. 1 ~ 23). With this, you will be able to buy stuff from Valuables Dealer Shop at Jangan or Constantinople. On the other hand, you can also get Soldier's Token from mobs (lv. 21 ~ 43). With this, you'll be able to buy stuff from Valuables Dealer Shop at Donwhang or Samarkand. Ditto, you can exchange Monk's Token for Soldier ' s Token or as well Soldier's Token for General's Token. Let's see.Furthermore, you can get General's Token from mobs (lv. 41 ~ 70). With this, likewise, you '

SilkRoad-R SafeGuard Protection: (SSGP) System
We've a very very powerful root who is protected by a vigorous protection from the DDoS attacks or even by exploits. I won't talk much like others do. I'll show you the contract and the specs we do have, our server can 24/7 resist to any attack even if it was Joymax attacking us. We're protected and safe. No need for much talks, like I've already said. Lemme present you some pictures who will talk much more louder than me.

Teleport System
Have you ever seen like many countries doing the public transport service for free? To be honest, this idea was the best in all. It had been applied in such countries for sometime, but you know what? Have you seen the intelligent consequences? Roads are empty. Everyone had took his way towards all the public transport, this last provokes less accumulation of traffic and less shit. Our server has applied the same system in here. During the game, you'll be able to transport / teleport from towns to towns with [0] gold from level 1 until level 70. Not only, because that. Our server economy has been reduced, who had caused a huge and clear stability in the gold economy. We won't see guys who own like 300B, 500B or even 1T / 2T. We want a fair and very stable economy. Well, at least, the richest one there may have around 1B ~ 2B. But, in the other hand, we had fixed the server economy problems which had altered many other private servers and led them to die. Plus, it had been already a pure cSRO-R system. That's clear for now, I hope so.

Trade and Jobs conflict System
This is a marvelous system, which lets your gameplay life quite easy .. As everyone know very well about cSRO-R or even in SilkRoad-R widely, we have the new job system but in order to make it better, we've made big edits in. We knew that some guys don't like this system and prefer the oldschool one. But guess what? We've totally changed it to be in the right side that SilkRoad and everyone should reside on. Lemme expand this last.

Trade System
* Trading

'Trade' refers to an activity by which different regions exchange with, or sell to, one another goods which they lack so as to gain profit. In Silkroad-R, while the trading system adheres to the rules of general trading as much as possible, the structure is simplified to highlight the fundamental fun of trading activities. Trading is largely divided into three categories Job activities, consignment, and target trading.

* Trade categories

Job Activities
Activities undertaken to raise the Job level, these quests grant the player Job EXP upon completion. You can receive them by speaking with certain NPCs. They are mainly associated with trading or smuggling activities. A 'Safe Mode' is available to protect the player from the bullying of higher-level players. In this mode, you are protected from attacks by other characters whose level is higher than yours by 5 or greater. However, you cannot undertake consignment and target trading in Safe Mode.

You can indirectly trade by consigning goods to an NPC. Once you invest specialty goods and the trade is successful, you gain profit that is proportionate to the amount of the investment you made. While you can obtain specialty goods to invest regardless of whether you are wearing the Job outfit or not, you have a greater chance of obtaining specialty goods while assuming a Job. While wearing a Job outfit, you can also seize the specialty goods owned by the hostile Job.

Target Trading
This is a direct trade by which the character directly loads and sells specialty goods, gaining great profit upon a successful trade. As the risk is great, the character must, at least, be in Job Rank 2. To begin, the player speaks to the right NPC in each town to register for target trading. The trade route extends from the town, in which the registration took place, to Hotan. Should the character be attacked and die during the trade, all specialty goods being transported are dropped.
* Trade can be only by NPC.
A Hunter can speak with trader, while a Thief can do with smuggling merchants. The trading NPC can be found in Constantinople, Jangan, Donwhang, Samarkand and Hotan.

* Trade Goods
Trade Goods & Smuggled Goods
These goods are necessary for Job activities. They can only be stored in the inventory of the transport vehicle summoned with a Job skill.

* Specialty Goods
Goods required for consignment and target trading. As a regular mode, these goods can be obtained by hunting. While in a Job Mode, these can be obtained by hunting monsters or attacking the caravans of the opposing Job. Once obtained, these goods are stored in the Specialty Goods Sack, to be traded via transport vehicles exclusive to consignment and target trading.
* When you are in a party with auto item sharing, the specialty goods are divided in order to the party members. (Not divided to party members who have not learned the Trader Sack).
* When you learn the Trader Sack, the Ability Pet can obtain the specialty goods.

* Trade Benefits
Blue (Black) Stones
When a Hunter (Thief) invests specialty goods and succeeds in the trade, these material items are supplied in proportion to the number of trade goods successfully traded.
They are used in creating Shining Stones.

Tickets are randomly given as items that can be obtained when a Thief (or Hunter) invests in specialty goods and succeeds in the trade. It can be exchanged for materials to craft Job items, and the craft materials accumulated through trade can also be exchanged for Tickets. This item can be purchased at the web item mall
.[/ IMG]

** Jobs conflict
* Understanding of competition between Jobs
In Silkroad-R, two kinds of Jobs come into conflict necessarily while undertaking trade activities. Each Job has its own set of advantages, according to which the player can freely choose a Job that is best suited for him / her ..

This Job protects caravan NPCs from the Thieves who seek to disrupt their trading and bring down the Thieves? Smuggling operations.

Thieves do evil deeds with no consideration for others. They ambush merchants in trading, rob theire goods and smuggle them to gain profit.

Selecting a Job
Only a Job is available per account. When one character chooses a Job, other characters on the same account automatically assume the same.
You don't have to select a Job if you wish to choose a Job later or do not want to select one.
Selecting a Job does not have Job level requirement, which is applied when you equip a Job outfit If you wish to change the current Job, you can speak with the Job NPC in a town to terminate the current Job. Upon termination of the current Job, all Job-related information is initialized.
* If the Job-to-Job ratio (accounts) is 10% or higher different, a Job with higher ratio can not be selected. It is not, however, applied up to the minimum number of players (100 players).
* A Job can be selected from the screen selecting a character. Please select a Job carefully because the Job selected can not be changed easily.

* Job Alias
An alias is the character name that is displayed while in the Job Mode. The Job Mode refers to the state in which the character is wearing a Job outfit. Aliases are used in order to prevent the conflict which arises in the Job Mode from affecting the Normal Mode. In order to switch to the Job Mode, you must choose an alias first.
How to Create an Alias
- Speak with a Job NPC and select [Create an alias] option from the menu.
- The alias cannot be the same as the character's original name or one that is already in use.
- The generation, and the rule of, aliases are the same as those of the general character name. You can use up to 6 Korean characters or up to 12 English characters.
Editing / Deleting an Alias
- In order to edit the alias, a fee must be paid according to the level of the character.
- as with generating an alias, The new alias must not overlap with The general name of The character or other aliases.
- Upon resigning from the Job Union, the alias is deleted. Once an alias is edited or deleted, it becomes permanently unusable.
Rules of Alias Use
- An asterisk (*) in front of the alias distinguishes it from the general names of characters.
- Whispers, memos, and friends invitations cannot be sent to an alias.
- While using an alias, all messages in party chat, open chat, party matching, and target window are displayed under the alias.
- While using an alias, all messages in global chat, guild chat, alliance chat, and the guild window are displayed under the general name of the character.
- While using an alias, the name of the guild to which the character belongs is not displayed.

* Job Outfit
Hunters and Thieves can purchase Job outfits from their respective Job NPCs. You must wear a Job outfit before engaging in Job activities and trading.
Wearing Job Outfits
- Job outfits are equipped in the Job slot in the Equipment window.
- You must have an alias and be located in a town to equip them.
- You cannot wear a Job outfit while in a party.
- When you wear a Job outfit, you are automatically teleported to the town portal.
- The name and the level of the general character at the top of the screen are replaced with the Job alias and level.
- The character level displayed at the bottom of the screen is replaced with the Job level.
- The EXP bar at the bottom of the screen is also replaced by the Job EXP bar.
Taking off Job Outfits
- Job outfits can be taken off in a town.
- You can not take off a Job outfit in a party.
- When you take off a Job outfit, you are automatically teleported to the town portal.

* When wearing a Job outfit, the screen UI is changed suitable for the Job status.

* Job Skills
Job skills, available only in the Job Mode, have been added. These are listed under the 'Job' tab in the Skill window. The kind of skill you can learn varies according to the Job level.

* Transport Vehicle
Job activities or Trading requires transport vehicles, which are classified into transport vehicle for trade activities and transport vehicle for trading.
- Both transport vehicles can not be summoned at the same time.
- Transport vehicle can be summoned by using Job Skills and the transport vehicle are summoned by Skill Levels.

** Job Levels
The highest Job level available is the same as the current general level.To raise the Job level, you must gain Job EXP, and Job EXP can be acquired not only through Job activities but also through consignment / target trading. However, the general / skill EXP does not increase in the Job Mode (excluding temple).
- The highest Job level available is the same as the current general level and the Job level is raised regardless of the general level.
- While the Job levels have the respective promotion places, you must be promoted in the places to advance to the next Job level.
- With no promotion, you cannot rise in your Job level even with Job EXP.

* Promotion
With no promotion, you cannot rise in your Job level even with Job EXP.
Promotion is available through a Job NPC upon payment of a certain amount of Gold and Shining Stone.

* Ranks
In addition to the Job level, there are ranks assigned according to your engagement in Job activities. With the rising rank, you also gain ability bonuses.
Ranks are divided into ranks and tiers. As you slay those in the hostile Job, you gain Job Reputation and, according to the Job Reputation, you are assigned a Job rank (title).
However, if you continue to kill the same enemy within an hour, you cannot gain Job reputation for the kills more than 3 times, which are not recorded as kill.

Hunter ranks

Thief Ranks


** Job Items
Job items can be crafted with the items you obtain through Job activities and trading, and they can be equipped with basic equipments.
- The items of the same job can be used while the items of different jobs cannot be used / traded.
- Trading the items of same job is allowed between the same jobs.
- Destroying the items of other jobs gains Shining Stone.
- Job items do not have durability.
- The job item is not dropped when the PK dies.

* Crafting Job Items
With the items acquired through trading (Stones and Tickets), you can craft Job items or alchemy-related items. Among these items, Shining Stones are essential. You can gain 1 Shining Stone by combining 1 Blue Stone of Hunters and 1 Black Stone of Thieves. Job items can be crafted by using one of these Shining Stones and a medium for a certain equipment slot.

* Job Item types

* Job Items and Alchemy
As with the previous alchemy system, you can enchant Job items with magical enhancements. There are 5 classes of alchemy items, and you can perform alchemy only with items of the same class. Upon success, the magical enhancement contained in the Magic Rune is transferred to the item. Upon failure, only the Magic Rune is destroyed
* Types of Job Item Alchemy Stone

* Job-exclusive items reinforcement
Reinforcement indicates upgrading the ability of a job-exclusive item, and it can only be done through the Job-exclusive Reinforcement Runes. There are 5 classes of Reinforcement Runes, and you can perform reinforcement only with items of the same class. Reinforcement can be successful or a failure depending on the chance of success. Upon success, your item is upgraded by one level. Upon failure, the reinforcement level is decreased by one. However, unlike the Alchemy, the Job item is not destroyed even if you fail.
* Types of Job Item Reinforcement Stone

* Dismantling Job Items
You can gain Shining Stones by dismantling Job items. You can dismantle Job items through the Craft system. Job items meant for the other Job class can only be used for gaining Shining Stones.

* Good, once you pick up goods box and take it to trader or thief NPC's, the system itself will store a fixed amount of gold for every and each deliver of goods box as following:

[1] goods box = [10,000] gold
[2] goods box = [20,000] gold
[3] goods box = [30,000] gold
[4] goods box = [40,000] gold
[5] goods box = [50,000] gold

Then, all this gold will be stored at server database. But, you'll surprisingly ask so, how will I get this money? Simply, once you catch sight of a notice about commencement of the consignment and after its termination, you will participate to get your stones as your reward by protecting the consignment and you will get, as well, your gold at the storage. That's it, and that's all.

Automatic Help / Support
Well, a very useful and wonderful, in the same time, system. Merely, in order to ask about something or to complain about something, you can easy click on [ESC] in-game then click on [Help Request]. Well, I won't explain you too much. Lemme show you an easy screenshot that will facilitate your whole life. Better than reading alot, huh? Here's it.
click on [ESC] in-game then click on [Help Request]:

write your problem:

this when the gm response about your reported problem:

[IMG1] [/IMG]

this when the gm is chatting with you:

Capture The Flag
Same as the previous system, no need to talk a lot, likewise. Furthermore, in here, we've a special way of handling this system. In a bit, I'll demonstrate my word in a moment. Simply, you can easy exchange [10] tickets to get random gift items providing [Silk Scroll / Honor Points Scroll / Gold Coins Scroll / Silver Coins Scroll, etc ...].
Capture The Flag [3 times per day]:
Everyday at 10:00:00 ~ 10:10:01 (10 minutes registration).
Everyday at 15:00:00 ~ 15:10:01 (10 minutes registration).
Everyday at 21:00:00 ~ 21:10:01 (10 minutes registration).

Character / Guild's name changer
As the small title announces clearly, doesn't require any explanation. Artlessly, you're able to change your character or your guild name at Premium Service Manager Qing Yu at any town in the server through using a scroll for character name changer called [Character Name Change Permit] or a scroll for guild name changer called [ Guild Name Change Permit] where you can find these scrolls at [Item Mall] 'Shop in-game. That's all, no need to add useless talks. Let's show a small art.

Before anything, we've only three fortresses enabled who are Jangan, Hotan and Constantinople. Well, the occupying guild can obtain as a reward Summon scrolls and [100] Gold coins and [200] Silver coins. Lemme note ya the timer, again, for fortress. We've lots of things to do in our server, you'll be fascinated just once you have your first step in there.

Fortress Time Register (2 times per week):
Every Day 00:00:00 ~ 00:00:00 (1440 minutes).

Fortress Time Start (1 time per week):
Every week at Saturday 19:30:00 ~ 21:30:00 (120 minutes).

Fortress Time Tax Start (1 time per week):
Every week at Sunday 00:00:00 ~ 23:59:59 (1439 minutes).

Chins Tomb / Roc
I've been writing a lot of timers, we're having lots, lots and lots of times to get very cool and pretty stuffs plus no free time to repose in.

Chins Tomb Gate Open (2 times per day):
Everyday at 16:00:00 ~ 16:10:00 (10 minutes).
Everyday at 22:00:00 ~ 22:10:00 (10 minutes).

Roc Gate Open (1 times per week):
Every week at Monday 15:30:00 ~ 15:40:00 (10 minutes).

Craft System
In overview,
Craft System 'is the contents with which you can directly create items that you need. You can seek various plays in addition to Hunting monsters.
Since crafting procedure is so easy, anyone can easily use Craft System.

1. Fullfill Required Level
The level required by each recipe varies. Some recipes are automatically obtained upon achieving the required level.
2. Obtain Recipe
Recipe should be obtained to craft item. Recipes can be obtained from General Store NPCs and items, or according to the character level.
3. Obtain Material
Each recipe lists the material required for the crafting of the item.
The 'Magic Stone of the Craftsman' has been added to the previous four elements.
Siege items can be purchased from Guild Store NPCs.
4. Craft Item
Once you gather all of the necessary material, you can create the item through the 'Craft Item' menu.
If there is enough material, you can craft multiple items at once

* Craft Recipe

Recipe? Is the skill to obtain to craft items. Upon obtaining Recipe, the materials to craft an item are known and the item can be crafted by collecting the materials.

How to obtain Recipe
There are three methods to obtain Recipe.
Basically, you can obtain it from NPC.
The trade recipe is automatically obtained on the respective levels while Siege recipe is purchased with item.
* Obtaining the recipe from NPC
1. Open NPC dialogue menu and click 'Learn Craft Recipe.'

2. Select a desirable recipe, check the price and required level and click 'Learn' button.

3. In the popup window of confirmation, check required Gold, click 'Yes' and obtaining Recipe is complete.

Recipe types
In the Craft System, you can obtain 3 kinds of Craft Item recipe; 'Siege', 'Alchemy' and 'Trade'
The recipe will be diversified continuously.
In addition to 'Trade' automatically obtained, 'Siege' and 'Alchemy' item recipes are introduced below.

Alchemy Recipe

Siege Recipe

Crafting Procedure

* Procedure
1. Click Craft icon in the main menu or character action window.

2. Once Craft list window opens up, select a desirable item and click Craft? Button.

3. Put the materials of Craft Item on the material slots and select the number of items to craft. Clicking 'Craft' or 'Craft All' starts crafting item (s).

Equipment Exchange System
* What is the Equipment Exchange System?
It is a system where you can exchange items in your possession to equipment items you need.
The reinforcement level of equipment item is maintained after exchange, but magic option / attribute change randomly.
A certain amount of gold will be used upon exchange.

* How to Exchange

1. Talk to the equipment exchange NPC and select "Equipment Exchange."

2. Register the equipment item in possession and select the item to exchange it for.

3. Click on the exchange button and check the exchanged item.

* Items that cannot be exchanged
- Items that cannot be traded
- Items that cannot be repaired
- Items with a magic option to increase number of times of repair.

Craft Job System
* Job Equipment Material
Medium for each equipment slot (Hunter)

Medium for each equipment slot (Thief)

Shining stone

Exchange vehicle

* Alchemy Items

Reinforcement stone

* Disjoint item

Chat Link
Well, a system that everyone wishes for it. Finally, we've it. Now, you can now link a description of an item directly to the chat window. Just press Ctrl + Right click on the item of your inventory and the link will appear on the chat inbox.

Block Join Party Request
A very useful system that keeps the parties more better and stable. In order to prevent the interference with the game play resulting from the repeated Join Party requests after the initial refusal, the 'Block' feature has been added.

In addition to 'Accept' and 'Decline', the party leader also has the option to 'Block' the player.
Blocked players can be managed separately in the Community menu.

Extended Slots
Well. The 'Additional Quick Slots' are renamed 'Extended Slots', and
its number has increased from 1 to 2 slots. Also, the slots can be switched up to 4 times with shortcut keys and mouse clicks, effectively increasing the slots by 7 sets.

Rallying Point Indicator
A very useful system that was created in order to help convey the location designated by the party leader to other players, the Rallying Point indicator is bound to the world map, allowing the party leader to use the system anywhere. When the party leader designates a location on the world map, a notification icon alerts the party members.
The party members can click this icon or open the world map to view the designated location.

Battering rams and Catapults

In order to decrease the time spent on destroying structures and to help players focus on PvP, battering rams and catapults are added as vehicles and a Rallying Point user interface is also added.

Battering rams and catapults can be constructed through the Craft system.
Battering rams and catapults can only attack the gate. Catapults have a longer range.
Battering rams and catapults can only be mounted by 'Fortress Engineers'.

~: Server Time: ~
Beta Phase I​
Wednesday, 30 December 2020, 05:00 PM (UTC-5)​
Beta Phase I (FIX)​
Saturday, 9 December 2021, 05:00 PM (UTC-5)​
Grand Opening​
Sunday, 10 December 2021, 05:00 PM (UTC-5)​

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