ShadowRoad Online|Cap110|D11|PVE|Silk/H|JobBased|Fgw System

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18 Eki 2018
ShadowRoad Online|Cap110|D11|PVE|Silk/H|JobBased|Fgw System

Download Links available now!

Download: (MediaFire)

Server Information

cap 110
Dg 11
Mastery 330/220
System PVE
Start Level 1
Mastery(CH/EU) CH&EU
Skills All Working.
Alchemy x1
Job Rates x20
CTF Working.
Battle Arena Working.
Fortress war Jangan & Bandit
Files Vsro

Changes & Features

Achievement system ✔
Forgetten World System ✔
Wanted System ✔
Guild Start level 1
New Honor point system ✔
New Area ✔
New Scroll ✔
New Avatars ✔
New special title names ✔
Stall Limit 500B

Alchemy Rate

100% +1
90% +2
80% +3
60% +4
50% +5
40% +6
30% +7
20% +8
10% +9
5% +10
0% +11
0% +12

Auto Equipment

• What it does? It will change your char equipment to next degree if the character level or mastery fits its requirement. (MAXIMUM 10Dg)

• What equipment does it add? Weapon, shield, gear, and accessory.

• Any requirements? Just one, your character must wear character Build weapon and full gear

• How does it work? For chinese and Euro, the system will detect character level, will detect mastery level, so be sure you have mastery level -1 level to next degree (for example, character level 56 = 7 degree), especially if you set the usage method as "automatic equipment" and not coupon.

Fortress War

• Fortress war, We have Jangan and Bandit fortress enabled for the beginning of our server. If we get bigger we will maybe open Hotan fortress too
The time to register is every Day.
The FortressWartime is every Tuesday from 19:00 To 21:00

• How to get Egy 'A'

You have 2 way to get Egy (A)

collect Water Coin from Job "Trader-Hunter-Theif" To get Egy (A) Weapon and Equipment
Important : you Must relog to get your reward.

• Our Awaken System For Egy A Weapons

To get Egy (A) Weapons You Must collect some Awaken Items A,B,C, (1 Pack) And D (50 Pack) And a Soulless Weapon
to get A,B,C grade
you can drop it from STR and Int Uniques.

you Can Get a Awaken Item Grade (D)
From There

Collect Soulless Weapons From Alex Mobs 109

• How to get Egy Equipment (B)

Job cave Uniques drop all Equipments of CH and Europe

Unique TIme

Spawn twice a day

1st Spawn - 12.30am

2st Spawn - 10.00am

Spawn twice a day

1st Spawn - 2.00am

2st Spawn - 11.30am

Spawn twice a day
1st Spawn - 3.30am

2st Spawn - 1.00pm
Only spawns only if Heroeris is killed

• To get Egy B Weapon

There's 2 way to get it

Kill Ghost Sereness and collect Egy (B) With low Rate

or, You can earn 11th degree set weapons as rewards when you complete 'Collection Books' with the talismans obtained during your journey in the Forgotten World.

to get Dimension Holes .. you'll found it in Coast .. Mobs 100 with high rate

New&Old Avatars

Special items


100 Silk And Item Reward For First 30 player who'll be Level 110.

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