New Database IronSro v3.2 cap 140 [Vsro.188] Renewed

23 Ocak 2019
I discovered some bugs (errors) in this version, I hope it will be edited in next version:
1. Disconnected from the server when using mounts, pets, ...
2. Get rid of the game (crash game) when shopping at F10.
3. Monsters disappear when you are nearby (including monsters you summon by GM Command).
4. Boss does not appear (including many bosses such as White Snake, Nephthys, IsIs, Three-headed Dog, Captain Ivy, Tiger Girl,...) even though the boss notification has appeared (I think it's related to the above).
5. The current server file only has CGI Internal files, while the Crest files are currently empty.
6. Database files should be truncate before release!!!
7. Current equipment can only be upgraded to a maximum of 8 levels, I hope it can reach 12-20 levels.
8. Where do the NPCs who sell items, equipment and effects stand? I did not find them?!
9. The event gift box is empty, when used immediately returns to the city. The scroll increases 130% of the movement speed but in fact it only increases 100% movement speed!
10. The default GM account will receive Invincible and Invisible status, but when you cancel one of the two statuses with GM Command, both statuses will disappear at the same time! Is it an error that need fix? However, I hope you let the default GM account not receive any special status so that the game can be stable and encounter fewer errors.
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Thank you.
7 Eyl 2019
help me please all friend
MY error

local overlap jop exception!! : CserverProcessOverlap AND Server Cord Closed :3

Please Help meee