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21 Ara 2017
#Project 2
-Greetings, Elitepvpers Community! Today we are going to share our game with you after long days of working on it, fixing problems, adding news and trying to give the best experience... we finally finished it! We think that players prefer PVE servers ,over power, crazy stuff, scrolls, new regions, high degrees..etc, so we made this one... We would like to provide our game .
•our Vision:
-We would like to inform you that our first goal is to work on your happiness that leads to the success of our project,Many people are moving from server to server and this is one of the reasons why people lose complete trust in society,yea for sure i mean [Silkroad Community],yet you are right but do not forget that it is our time to implement all our promises,We are not responsible for the failure of others, so do not blame us,never judge a book by its cover yea we know all this,in the end I would like to say with your support we will continue ,yea btw i mean your ideas nothing more ;)
lets make Silkroad Great again......

title: Nereus Online - Trailer][*]video:

? Grand Opening ?
Our Grand Opening 08-04-2019.​

• L I N K S •

-At this table, we will show you our rates and some of the features in the game :

- Alchemy Rates

We've added too many automatic events to entertain you while you are active in-game.These events will start many times per day. It's almost enjoyable thing in the game. It will help you to gain more silk!​
•Automatic events:
  • Pvp most deadly event.
  • Rules of survival.
  • Job Uniques event.
  • Kill the GM event.
  • Hide & Seek event.
  • Unique event.
  • LastStandMan event.
  • Lucky(Party) event.
  • Lucky(Stall) event.
  • Lucky(pm) event.
  • Trivia event.
  • Math event.

•Facebook event:
-You can get silk easily by following our Facebook Page and join our free silk events

-Sure we didn't forget this service because many players like systems which
make fun in the game and kinda cool :pimp: so we will tell you guys the systems we provide :

?Automatic Title System:
This system is activated every week and you can lose your title if you didn't stay TOP 1 the whole time. The system does 4 things, and they are :

1-TOP 1 Billionaire Reward (Money Maker):
It gives TOP 1 character which has got more than 200 billion of gold a (MoneyMaker) title and 100 silks.
2-TOP 1 Thief Reward (Top Thief):
It gives TOP 1 character which has got the most EXP in thiefs (TopThief) title and 100 silks.
3-TOP 1 Hunter Reward (Top Hunter):
It gives TOP 1 character which has got the most EXP in hunters (TopHunter) title and 100 silks.
4-TOP 1 Trader Reward (Top Trader):
It gives TOP 1 character which has got the most EXP in traders (TopTrader) title and 100 silks.

?Unique Rank Auto Reward System :
This system will be activated every week, which will give the TOP 1 unique killer (500) silks then reset the unique rank.

Well, we could've added more systems but this is a PVE server so it needs some specifications for the systems, also we will add more systems if we got good ideas.

-Chinese Balance.-
Parallel world, we will change your view about the Chinese race! how we did that?
very simply we've added to you one of the interesting things that you didn't see before ,
this is probably surely yea,
we're talking about the "Wind Skills" and Chinese Balance skill its distinctive power we are sure you will like it,well is that enough?!
Nope we have more,we have decreased the hp&mp Grain for the eruope Race from 25%>> 10% , and add Chines Balance buff to be balance vs euro ,
is that enough? aswell nope chinese builds able to use 4 Builds?
little explanation we've increased the chinese mastery from 380 to 560! well now you don't have argument ;) .

-Shambhala area .
New 4 Temples (Ice -Fire - Poison - Shadow ) we add mobs From lv 130 to lv 140 to plvl and farm for items d16 moon - elixers - stones -other items
-white knight area .
-New area to plvl the new players .
-Ali baba , bagdad , petra , garden ,jop .
-custom areas for plvl and farm to get coins , elixers , items ,stones.[/B]
-And We have inside a lot of insane things, we will show you guys all of it.[/B]
Nereus Online - areas]

Add Afk Bubbles:- :-

-AFK Bubbles are bubbles animation appearing above AFK char. AFK char is a character that didn't do any action for at least two minutes.
Once you do any action while you are in AFK state (sending a guild request for example), bubbles will disappear and you will get out of the AFK state.
This system helps you to detect which players are currently playing and which players have left the client opened but they are not really there, no more wonders about state of characters, you can know which players are active at any given moment and which are idle.

We are bringing you some pictures of our NPCs in the game, the new degrees and mad stuff:

There's 9 more NPCs actually, you will find them in Downhang.

-Char Effect Scroll.
-New Scrolls for the char when use it will gave you Special effect.
Nereus Online - Char Effects

-Auto Equipment.
Auto Equipment | From degree 1 to 13.
-To give you a push in your journey in Nereus we are helping you with your gears and items, you will be automatically getting your last tier items from the first degree till the 13th degree.

-Our sox items:.

-First. Seal Of Nova its is +2 stronger than the normal 16D And have blue effect ,
Seal Of Blood it is +4 stronger than the normal 16D And have Blood effect ,
-Third. Seal Of Nereus it is +6 stronger than the normal 16D And have Fire effect with Black effect ,
-Fourth.Seal Of Nereus (Black) it is +8 stronger than the normal 16D And have Green effect with Black effect , And the only way to get it switcher from d16 Nereus to Nereus Black u will find the switcher in the web shop.

Nereus Online - Sox Items]

-Degree 16 Style.

-New Design And effect For D16.

Nereus Online - D16 BLACK]

-Magic Pop.

-you can buy a magic pop card from npc and try to get flag word from magic pop npc .

We'll show some pictures of the uniques inside, some rooms, regions and drops!
-Uniques Spawn places.

Boss unique
-(Boss unique ) Appear every 8h in random place at all map and reward Black Weapons .

Roc unique
-(Boss unique ) Appear every Sunday - thursday at 3: pm u can get the roc key from scrolls npc .

Arabia Uniques

Defeating uniques is the most enjoyable thing at silkroad. In Blade Sro you will only find the original silkroad uniques such as Tiger Girl, Cerberus, Captain Ivy, Uruchi etc,. There are will be two kinds from the original uniques [STR] & [INT] for giving chances for STR players to kill uniques.
Note: You will find every unique in the same place like oldschool.
We've added some items dropped from uniques In this way you can find some of rare items by killing uniques.

New System for the job
we have add special system in the job ,new stock for job goods 30k , new stock for trans pets hp 1k we changed some transpets inventory size to 7 ,And add special hours transpet with 8 inventory size The job system working with 3 area only jangan - downhang - Hotan and the job reward system working with anti job cheat .
-your Account Must Be lv 110 to get your rewards

New JobSuits:-
Brand new "Job Suits" are located at "Jangan Teleport" and ready for your service. There are 3 different types of "Job Suits" and also have 4 different bonuses. Each job suit (Trader-Hunter-Thief) has the same features. Job suits have granted you bonus damage and special effects. Each suit contains 4 levels. For each level Physical and Magical damage bonus raise from 1% to 4%. Also 4th level job suits have special effects!.
Behemoth Transpet:-

Job wars and the trade routes are going to be more fun. We integrated the behemoth to our game with some special effects on it and inventory size is 10 . You can get behemoth from "Roc Town" - "Medusa" .​
New Black horse Transpet:-

Job wars and the trade routes are going to be more fun. We add the Black horse to our game with new 3Colors effect on it and inventory size 8 . You can get Black horse from Web shop .

And finally, thanks very much for visit this thread. We hope you join us if you found the thread kinda interesting. Good luck guys, and enjoy yourselves.