Gravity-Online Dg13 / Pve / Cap 120 / Play2Win


18 Eki 2018
Gravity Online.
•Mastery Level :480
•Server files VSRO
•Race: EU&CH
•Exp: 25x
•Exp Party: 35x
•Item Drop: 4x
•Gold drop: 10x:
•PLUS Limit:16 With Out Adv With Adv 20
•CTF: Yes
•Battle Arena: Yes
•Drop Gravity Coin? Juptier Uniques
•Drop D13 Nova ?Mirror Dimension 116~120
•Drop Stone D13 And Elixer ?Mobs Jupiter 120
•Drop D13 Moon Scroll ?FGW
•D12 Items 1 Gold ? NPC
•DDoS Protected: Yes
• Silk And Coins System
• Original Avatars and New Avatars.
• New Thief Avatar.
• Fellow pets.
• New Special Title names.
• Old School Trading.
• Potions and Pills
• Enable Advanced Elixirs +4
• Premium stats 20% For Coins
• Added New Speed Scrolls.
• Premium 15% For Silks
• Normal Godbless For Silks
• Extra Godbless For Coins
• Zerk Refill Scroll In NPC For Coins
• New Lucky Magic Powder 100% For Silks
• Immortal Can Be Found In NPC For Silks
• You Can Also Find Immos In Isis/Anubis Job Temple Uniques
• Autoevents Bot
• In Addition To New Jupiter Uniques Spots That You Can See In The Following Pictures
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Drop Gravity Coin

Npc Pic

First 30 Players Reward Will Be: Normal Godbless Normal Prem And Any Avater You Want To Choose I Will Buy For You Just Send me You Char Name On the Discord To Receive the R.w
everyone If You Invited Your Friends 1 Accepted Invite = 100 Silk 50 Coin

NOTE : we gonna be happy if you are interested ..

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