[EN] Raum-Sro Cap 100 CH Only|Old School|Mixed Systems||High Quality|GO 15-07

10 Ocak 2018

Welcome to the Vsro community :)

We are proud to present to you today Raum Sro, as you can have a real pleasure in all the server features that we will show you, and we have also taken into account that the server is based on the old school, because all servers now depend on adding new features, yes it is great. But she lost the game, her joy and the beautiful memories that we miss today
, So we made sure to bring these beautiful memories back to you with Raum Sro
Now you will get a great stable performance experience that is well stable and also fast with no error

We wish you a wonderful time​

At beta phase will start at 13-07-2020 and Finish in14-07-2020.
every new char will be add with those items to test everything fast.

Reward Will Be 300 Silk + Title name For those who discover errors and bugs within the server .

Our Grand Opening as posted will be at 15-07-2020, stay tuned.

Source | Quantity
Level Cap| 100
Mastery Cap| 300
Race| CH Only
EXP / SP| 40x
EXP / SP PT| 45x
Item Drop| 10x
GOLD Drop| 2x
HWAN| 10x
Job rate| 1x
Union Limit| 2
Guild Limit| 30
Max Plus | +12 no adv
Advanced Elixir| Enabled
Fortress| Jangan
PC Limit| 2
Job PC Limit| 1
BA Limit| 1
FTW Limit| 1

Well, here is the important thing in any sro (+ing). So we tried our best to make it little easier to get a higher + (not hard and not that easy)

We've added some useful things that will help you start to develop yourself

We have add Auto Equipment system as well till D9. So you don't have to waste your gold till you reach 90++.

Our main town is Jangan, lagless town with nice pvp area and no crashes for smoothless gameplay

We add SUN Weapons at NPCs and also at FGW. So you have 2 ways to get sun Weapons.

Set (Star & Moon & Sun ) Drop from mobs at Alex

Accessory (Star & Moon & Sun ) Drop from mobs at Alex

Weapon (Star & Moon ) Drop from mobs at Alex

Weapon (Sun ) By Arena & Gold coins or By FGW

Shields (Star & Moon ) Drop from mobs at Alex

Shields (Sun ) By Arena & Gold coins

Free Silk Drop from normal uniques (check UNIQUE DROP section)

Arena coins From Battle arena (win= 15 - loose = 5) or Drop in Job temple unqiues

Gold Coins From CTF Match flag (1 kill = 1 gold coins or Drop in Job temple unqiues

We have add 2 kind of boxes as a gift. Kill unique and pick the scroll.
Open it and you'll get a random gift.

To help you save your money and your silk we created two types of economic Package
Which will save you more than 300 silk

These Uniques appear every two hours

- Tiger Girl: 7 Free Silks + 1 Lucky Box ( rate drop = 70% )
- Uruchi: 7 Free Silks + 1 Lucky Box ( rate drop = 70% )
- Isyutaru: 10 Free Silks + 1 Lucky Box ( rate drop = 70% )
- Lord Yarkan: 15 Free Silks +1 Lucky Box ( rate drop = 70% )
- Demon Shaitan: 25 Free Silks + 1 Lucky Box ( rate drop = 70% )

1- Roc Gate

Roc gate will open every 12h and our Roc will drop huge useful items. So don't miss it.
For make it easier, we add the Key of Bloodline at the shop by free silk.

- 10x Immortals
- Sox Box (70% rate)
- ADV +2 (50% rate)
- 50 silk scroll

2- Medusa

Medusa will Appear every 12h and our Roc will drop huge useful items. So don't miss it.

- 10x Immortals
- Sox Box (70% rate)
- ADV +2 (50% rate)
- 50 silk scroll

- 3 immortal
- 1 Lucky Powder( D1 )
- 2 Lucky Magic Powder D10 ( 2x )
- 5 Arena Coin + 5 Gold Coin
- Sox Box Drop rate ( 30 % )
- 5 Silk Scroll

- 1 Immortal D10 ( Rate Drop 30 % )
- 1 Sox Box ( Rate Drop 30 % )
- 1 Global Chat
- 3 Reverse

- 15 Free Silk
- 1~2 Immortal
- 1 Reverse scroll

We have add alex mobs to be lvl 100 and modified its dmg to be normal 100 mobs and modified it to increase the bot places for players and avoid player to ks another player.
And we already explained that alex mobs will drop Moon-Sun items.
We have add 2 new teleport from Jangan to
[IMG=expandable: 1]https://i.epvpimg.com/ML6lbab.png[/IMG] and [IMG=expandable: 1]https://i.epvpimg.com/BSAdcab.png[/IMG] to save your reverse and save time

We have add Reach Max Lvl system to reward those who reached 100 with Silks

1st 100 players will receive 300 Silk
2nd 100 players will receive 150 Silk
3rd 100 players will receive 100 Silk

We have many and stable filter for doing the job very well. But as a start we will not activate all events together to give ppl times to go plvl and jobbing and enjoy the other features we have.
We have over 10 events available at our filter. But we will explain the most

desired events only.

Our new system here will lock your whole char with all item inside it. And yes everything like potions/storage..etc. Beside it'll lock your char with 1 order. The same this with unlock it, it'll be with 1 order

Lock System info

Q: What is the meaning of my item locked!!
A: When someone put his hand on ur ID-PW he can not do this things at ur locked items...

  • Can not plus
  • Can not drop
  • Can not exchange
  • Can not stall
  • Can not trade
  • Can not sell
  • Can not store at storage
  • Can not store at guild storage


  • Don't give ur secret word or PIN to anyone
  • Don't forget ur secret word
  • Save ur Secret words at any TEXT at ur PC/lap


  • - To lock ur char. : [!lock xxxxxx]
  • > xxxxxx: is your password which is numbers or letters
  • - To unlock ur char.: [!unlock xxxxxx]

Hint: you can change your pw everytime you unlock your char

Participate in our biggest event on our Facebook page Raum Online and get the chance to win 1000 silk when the server opens

Event terms and conditions apply

by using our signature & help us with the growth & development of our community.
Reward 100 Silk


Finally we hope that we introduce a good system for all
Please let me know if there is any issues/suggestions

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