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31 Ağu 2016

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well our main idea from creating that server is trying to mix and balance between [PVE] and [PVP] System also adding something funny and not over edited so let's begin ...
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Website|Destruction Online !

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Facebook Page| Destruction Page

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Main Information

PC Limit|4
Silk|Per Hour 2 Silks
Max Plus|+12(No Adv)
Main Town|Downhang

Auto Eqep|Enabled Till Dg 9 SoS +12
CTF|Every Hour [Job Coin RW]
Battle Arena|Every Hour [Job Coin RW]
FGW|[RW Seal Of Destruction Lv 100]
Advanced Elixir|Enabled (B & C & D)
Item Mall|Disabled

Job Penalty|7days
Guild Penalty|3days
Fortress|Jangan [Only for Now]

Server Limits

FTW Limit|2
Arena Limit|1
CTF Limit|1
Job Limit|2
Plus Limit|12

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How to get Destruction silks ?

You have Many ways to get silks

Being Part Of 1st Players to get lv 100 [Reward Silks]
1st 100 to get lv 100 Gets [250 silks]
2nd 100 To get lv 100 Gets [ 200 Silks]
Last 100 To Get Lv 100 Gets [150 Silks]
after lv 90 every Hour Online = 1 silk
* [AFK Players Won't Get Silks]
Auto Events
Main Town NPC

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Events Times & Rewards

Arena Win|10x Job Coins
Arena Lose|2x Job Coins
CTF Kill|1x Job Coin

CTF And Arena are working per day every 1 hour

[NPC's Items ]

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So what's news at that server !
Well since we know that not all players are the same choice We added more than 1 way to get something
like : if you wanted to get Sun lv 90 item's you can get them by normal drop[hard rate] or by awaking system !

Discord Bot For Destruction Online
It's a simple way to watch the unique log [ killed / Spawned] And notice
[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]

Auto equipment System
Working With SoS +12 FB item's Till Dg 9
[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]
New [Seal Of Destruction] Items !
We added a new Seal of weapons / Shields/ Prot it calls [ Seal Of Destruction] So how to get that Seal
For Weapons You have to Go to the FGW and collect the books Then change them With a [Seal Of Destruction weapon] LV 100 "Hotan palace "
For Shields
You can Get them by 2 ways
1st . From FGW too same as weapon
2nd . By upgrade system [ Make a Seal of sun lv 90 ] Shield +12 and use the upgrade Scroll
[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]
Prot / Accs [Seal of Destruction ] Can be found at the DESTRUCTION NPC Near the DW Storage
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So Here is the most important hints For Destruction Online
the Coins System
well let's See
for the Destruction Coins from [ Uniques [STR] and [INT] and quests ]
For the job coins From [ Arena and CTF]
For the Gold Coins / Copper Coins From [Quests Only]
For the Iron Coins From Baghdad.,Arabia Coast ., Manho
Astral / Immortal From [ Normal uniques like TG URU IVY DEMON LORD] also by silks

Auto Events :
Trivia Event
question and answer event for reward silks
so by only answering the question right you will get 3 silks !
event happens Every 2 hours and half per day every time from 2 rounds .

Lucky Party Event
Lucky party is a system where it saying the target party matching is ......
and who reach this matching 1st wins
working at (15:00 GTM+2 Time) per day .

Kill The GM
on this event you have to open your cap and kill the GM char so you can win event
working 2 times per day [10 AM and 10 PM GTM+2 Time]

Alchemy Event
on this event the Auto event will drop around 50 items low dg and the highest Plus Wins !
also after the event finish all of the items will be removed
working 2 time per day [6:00 PM /11:00 PM GTM+2 Time]

Last Man Standing
on this event There are no rules just kill everyone around you, You have 10 minutes to kill or be killed
working 1 time per day [ 4:00 PM GTM + 2 Time]

lucky Global Event
on this event you have to right a global and the bot will record all the globals then choose a random winner 1 time per day [ 2 :00 PM GTM +2 Time]

And much more auto events you can test by yourself !
Most Online Player Per Day
every day at 23:59 [ gtm time +2] the bot make a notice with the most online player and reset the time to 0 gets reward Silks

Top 300 Players to Get lv 100
[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]

Item Comparison Plugin !
[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]

New Uniques

Well we have 2 kinda of the new uniques
1 - [INT] uniques And you Can Find the Unqiues Spots at DesTrction UNIQ
2- [STR] Uniques and you can find the uniques Spots at DesTrucTion UNIQ

New Baghdad Town
We added Baghdad with uniques / Mobs Lv 100 For awaking stuff and normal sun lv 90 Items
[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]
[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG]

so what about the Job :S !

Well we changed the Job and closed the academy system to create a new kinda of [PvP] for the players 
at downhang you can find " Job Room " as you can see Well just wear your job suit and go hunt
 vs other players the more you kill the more points you get and with that points You can Get "Honor Buffs " 
* Hint : there's a limit and anti cheat system so play safe
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Follow Our page and Join our Discord Room There's a Share event coming !

Share Event Is here ! Go to facebook page and join
~>> Destruction Online <<~
 We want to thank every single person who ever played '' Destruction Online '' Without you guys we would not be here.
To make this occasion special, we decided to make a very special share event for you guys.
We will choose lucky 5 players who win
1st:- Special Avatar
2nd:- 20x Global + 200 Destruction Coin
3rd:- 10x Global + 100 Destruction Coin
4th:- 75x Destruction Coin
5th:- 50 Destruction Coin
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