Creating and Developing your private Vsro Server.


24 Nis 2017
Creating and Developing your private Vsro Server.

First part of the advertising thread

What are your experiences / skills?
Over 10 years experience, 6 years exp in creating private servers.

Name: HECKT0 is
Age: 31
job: Electrical engineer

what am i applying forSQL Developer ,

basically i can do whatever you want, new systems aka stuff, just hit me up with the idea you want to implement.​
Server Setup, i can setup as many gameservers & agents and shards.
Server Security
Website Setup
Reverse Engineering edits, client and server sides .
applying server updates / upgrades .

Client edits
- add / remove new weapons to your server.
- Creating Completely New Instances and Dungeons.
- add / remove new degree
- adding new avatars / items / scrolls.
- creating new quests.
- adding new pets / Uniques.
- creating new EFP effects which does not exist.
- adding new regions / Teleports / maps / mobs.
- adding new skill effects.
- adding new glows

Second part of the advertising thread

WTS 2 databases i have developed them myself and putted lots of work and efforts inside them.
1- D10 only Chinese database with client and server files.
2- D9 only Chinese database with client and server files. i can customize the features in the dbs.
note : i can switch those database to be Chin / E.​
D10 Chin server kinda Detailed information.

Auto equipment system with Bot pm system for automatic tp players to the same position.
  1. Permanent Buffs.
  2. sos states edited to be as same as last tier +1.5
  3. som last tier +3
  4. New SOS set (2 types) str increase set & int increase set & it will grant char 6 str or 6 int depending on set types
  5. som set with completing 6 parts the charles will be granted with 2 more plus like immo set!
  6. FTW, the FTW winner called "Fortresswar commander"
  7. and if he lose the fortress, the buff and the title will be moved to the new ftw guild master, and his title will be granted back!
  8. PS: You can request any scroll if it does not exist.
  9. weaponary skills for chin SOM Weapons. !
  10. PS: The PPC can be there again.
  11. talismans drop rate is fine! 4 times of accessory which means that players have to collect full talismans 4 times
  12. and it's kinda hard for ppl to get there talismans 4 times, we have added other ways to obtain those talismans in the point below!
  13. - Roc drob 3 book with probability 100% ~ medusa drop 2 talismans with probability 100%. PS: the probability and amount can be changed later.
  14. - Roc drop 3 sauce parts 100% probe. PS: the probability and amount can be changed later.
  15. uniques kills for silks
  16. job wanted mode buff with restrictions
  17. 5 different job suites for chin // suits
  18. job point and coin for weekly limit system.
  19. you can obtain honor points by killing the other team at ctf.
  21. Title Control System, Pm [BOT] System with pm / titles and follow bot instructions
  22. then bot will answer your questions and how to switch between them, easy as fq.
  23. Model Switchers for weapons shields from D1 ~ D15 & EGY A ~ EGY B
  24. Automatic Billionaire system .ps: Colored Billionaire Title name.
  25. Max plus 12
  26. Top jobbers with Colored title granting for top 3 jobbers.
  27. Top 10 chars to reach Level 100
  28. Top 300 player to reach level 100 system.
  29. Donators can't get it easily.
  30. colored char names for GM and team members.
  31. pretty many new areas exist.
  32. new god flame Dungeons aka instances.
  33. new Betra Dungeon.
  34. daily attendance reward system.
  35. The teleport to HWT and Alex has been moved to the new teleporter in Donwhang.
  36. Alchemist, the top 1 Alchemy char will get alchemist 3 just incase if needed.
  37. Bot system tools to handle automatic equipment and the automatic helper systems.
  38. automatic free titles based on unique kills quests
  39. Customize the drop system.
  40. Helper system: [BOT] System and ask him with message
    "/ help" the bot will answer with avaliable commands
    "/ topuniques, / tophonors, / topjobbers, / top3richppl"
/ ** // * end of d10 database * // ** /

D9 Chin server kinda Detailed information.

/ ** // * d9 database starts with the same features as d10 but with lil bit modifications to fit d9 cap. * // ** /

  1. donwhang cave has been switched to job cave and customized it to fit d9 cap.
  2. customized all mobs and uniques skill damage to fit d9 cap.
  3. Customized available towns and maps to fit d9 cap.
  4. customized the whole database and client to fit d9 cap.
  5. also i can enable or disable any feature you want.
  6. If you have another idea and you want it to be implemented.
  7. there's much more i forgot to write about
  1. the database above tested with 800+ players which means there's no bug exists.
  2. i will setup the server for you until you open client from public machine.
  3. 1 month of free support, during this period you will be glad to answer it in details.
  4. i will give stable server files to ensure server modules will run perfectly.

About the trust issue:
If you can't trust the ppl, you can easily set up each other.

You need a Professional and fast trusted reliable service? Ask me

Contact info:
Discord Server :
Skype : heckt00r
Discord : HECKT00R # 6320​

Payment methods:

Accepting Paypal
Accepting Skrill
accepting Western Union​

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