Crash when using new equipment

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23 Ocak 2019
I tried to add some new equipment, I added it to the _RefObjCommon and _RefObjItem tables, the bsr file, I used a bsr file of D11 and changed the information in it (the original byte is equal to the byte after modification ), and I edited the other bsr file name of D11, similar to the bsr filename on _RefObjCommon, the files ddj, bms, bmt,... have been edited correctly and different from D11, I have edited but still pay attention to the original bytes and bytes after editing. After that, I imported new data into data.pk2 and media.pk2. Everything worked pretty well, however, when I used the equipment, the game immediately crashed!
In the client directory, I see a dmp file in the Dump folder. However, I do not know how to read it!
This is the dmp file, please help me fix this!
-> Crash Dump File