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21 Ara 2017
-Greetings, Elitepvpers Community! Today we are going to share our game with you after long days of working on it, fixing problems, adding news and trying to give the best experience... we finally finished it! We think that players prefer PVE servers ,over power, crazy stuff, scrolls, new regions, high degrees..etc, so we made this one... We would like to provide our game :

? Grand Opening ?
20.03.2018 |10.04.2018-First Thread

Website, Forum & Social Media

-At this table, we will show you our rates and some of the features in the game :

We've added too many automatic events to entertain you while you are active in-game.These events will start many times per day. It's almost enjoyable thing in the game. It will help you to gain more silk!

  • Automatic Kill the GM event.
  • Automatic Hide & Seek event.
  • Automatic Unique event.
  • Automatic LastStandMan event.
  • Automatic Lucky(Party) event.
  • Automatic Lucky(Stall) event.
  • Automatic Lucky(pm) event.
  • Automatic Trivia event.
  • Automatic Math event.

-Sure we didn't forget this service because many players like systems which
make fun in the game and kinda cool :pimp: so we will tell you guys the systems we provide :

?Automatic Title System:
This system is activated every week and you can lose your title if you didn't stay TOP 1 the whole time. The system does 4 things, and they are :

1-TOP 1 Billionaire Reward (Money Maker):
It gives TOP 1 character which has got more than 200 billion of gold a (MoneyMaker) title and 100 silks.

2-TOP 1 Thief Reward (Top Thief):
It gives TOP 1 character which has got the most EXP in thiefs (TopThief) title and 100 silks.

3-TOP 1 Hunter Reward (Top Hunter):
It gives TOP 1 character which has got the most EXP in hunters (TopHunter) title and 100 silks.

4-TOP 1 Trader Reward (Top Trader):
It gives TOP 1 character which has got the most EXP in traders (TopTrader) title and 100 silks.

?Unique Rank Auto Reward System :
This system will be activated every week, which will give the TOP 1 unique killer 200 silks then reset the unique rank.

Well, we could've added more systems but this is a PVE server so it needs some specifications for the systems, also we will add more systems if we got good ideas.

-Currently we provide Christmas decorate in towns.
-We provide snow flake event too,

-We provide old character select place, because like you now.. Old is gold!

-Many players like the idea of green zerk so we are providing it and it's for all people, titled and untitled!

-Char Effect Scroll.
-New Scrolls for the char when use it will gave you Special effect.
-Degree 16 Style.

-New Design And effect For D16.
-Weapons Euro .

-Weapons china .
-Magic Pop.

-you can buy a magic pop card from npc and try to get flag word from magic pop npc .

-white knight area .

-New Area for a lvl up .

-Ali baba area .

-custom area for a lvl up and the coin .

-And We have inside a lot of insane things, we will show you guys all of it.

The job system working with 2 area only jangan - downhang and the job reward system working with anti job cheat .
-your Account Must Be lv 110 to get your rewards

-Of curse we did not forget this new mad and interesting mastery in our game, and you can find some pictures of it below this.

We provide New Rooms, Baghdad and Arabia Stuff:

And other rooms, you will find pictures of its teleports in Teleports side below this.
You will find some pictures in Uniques & Some Stuff side.

This is the news teleports in the game, check it out:

Defeating uniques is the most enjoyable thing at silkroad. In Blade Sro you will only find the original silkroad uniques such as Tiger Girl, Cerberus, Captain Ivy, Uruchi etc,. There are will be two kinds from the original uniques [STR] & [INT] for giving chances for STR players to kill uniques.
Note: You will find every unique in the same place like oldschool.
We've added some items dropped from uniques In this way you can find some of rare items by killing uniques.

We are bringing you some pictures of our NPCs in the game, the new degrees and mad stuff:

There's 9 more NPCs actually, you will find them in Jangan.

We'll show some pictures of the uniques inside, some rooms, regions and drops!

  • 1- Add New 4 Avatars IN (Blade Donation Avatars) NPC
  • 2- Add New 2 Grab Pets (Blade Special Pets) NPC
  • 3- Add New Scroll For Remove Premium
  • 4-Fix Guild Emblem
  • 5-Add New Design For Luncher
  • 6-Add New Design For Loading
  • 7-Add New Effect for all npc
  • 8-Add Dragon Angel Scroll
  • 9-Add Roc key in npc
  • 10- Enable roc town

Blade Sro Update V947

New JobSuits:-

Brand new "Job Suits" are located at "Jangan Teleport" and ready for your service. There are 3 different types of "Job Suits" and also have 4 different bonuses. Each job suit (Trader-Hunter-Thief) has the same features. Job suits have granted you bonus damage and special effects. Each suit contains 4 levels. For each level Physical and Magical damage bonus raise from 1% to 4%. Also 4th level job suits have special effects! .​

Behemoth Transpet:-

Job wars and the trade routes are going to be more fun. We integrated the behemoth to our game with some special effects on it. You can get behemoth from "Roc Town" - "Medusa" .

Npc's Effect :-

- We Are Add new effect's For All jangan npc have amazing colors .

New Add :-
- Add new 4 job suits in special npc
- Change All prices ( Add gold for the items in npc and down arena coin prices to be the gold important ).
- Down the gold rate to middle rate
- Add Behemoth Trans pet with shiled effect and add it drop from Roc (2 - 4) and Medusa (1-2).
- Reset any player have more than 500m to 500m To be suitable with new players.
- Changed stock for transpet hp from 50 to 1000 .

Blade Sro Update V951
Add Afk Bubbles:- :-

-AFK Bubbles are bubbles animation appearing above AFK char. AFK char is a character that didn't do any action for at least two minutes.
Once you do any action while you are in AFK state (sending a guild request for example), bubbles will disappear and you will get out of the AFK state.
This system helps you to detect which players are currently playing and which players have left the client opened but they are not really there, no more wonders about state of characters, you can know which players are active at any given moment and which are idle.

And finally, thanks very much for visit this thread. We hope you join us if you found the thread kinda interesting. Good luck guys, and enjoy yourselves.
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