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23 Mar 2017

In the beginning, i have to thank you for giving us a chance and reading our thread. Ares came up with alot of thinking, our team investigated the private servers scene And made a real hard plan to decide which degree and cap suits everyone, we thought of making an game play for some reasons, first the players are the real silkroad players, which you will be entertained playing with them, that was our aim. We wanted to get those players and bring them together. secondly, Games was the real fun, everyone is equal and the only difference is your skills, experience and your playing style. But, unlike the other servers, we managed to make something really different, something unique. A server that you will never forget. A place where you make friends and a good memories.​
ARES game play is the reflection of simplicity, we didn't want to build a maze inside the server We had to make everything clear and clean, the game-play is simple like Ares. we know that most of you guys will get bored in the first couple days if we left it 100% clean gaming, so instead of that, we added some interesting systems to decrease the gap between the old game and modern-play. We guarantee you a simple, modern and smooth game-play.​
Our team consists of a very talented mature guys, we want you to be sure that we are not going to let you down! we are not giving up on the server, we believe that we made a perfect game-play, the team are well known in the scene, have been working for years and made many successful server {FREE LANCE} means they weren't part of the server's team, we decided to unite our capabilities and bring the best out of everyone in ARES.​
CAP 140
We kept our eyes on the private servers scene for the last year and kept digging for the best choice, we made a small poll and looks like most people were interesting games, so why not. we are into games too, we kept looking for the modern servers and see what's make it interesting and different, we came up with some wonderful ideas, we didn't really clone any idea from any server but we got some ideas and put our touch to make it even better, eventually we finished with a perfect game.​
  • Big and active community.
  • A long term server.
  • Bugless, Lag free gaming.
  • Fair & friendly community.

As usual, we have to start a beta phase to test everything in the server to make sure we are going to have a smooth grand opening, as a thanks and appreciation​
DURATION: 4/10/2019 20:00 GMT+2.​
Grand Opening
Grand open will take a place after the beta phase. there will be a 2 day break after beta to finalize everything And make sure we have no problems at the launching.​
DATE: 10/10/2019 18:00 GMT+2​
Download Will available

DATE: 03/10/2019 18:00 GMT+2

  • MAIN TOWN | Hotan
    The regular main town in modern games is Hotan, we didn't want to break this mainstream and kept it like this, we added all the new npcs inside the town, teleports and the fortress war so all activities will be inside the town. not only that, all other towns will be active too due to the job activities.

    As HOTAN the main town of the game, we felt that we have to add something new, something unique. we came out with the HOTAN FORTRESS WAR idea, we didn't want to build A full mainstream server, adding new fortress war is a new challenge for the players, and its fully working without any bugs, and since HOTAN is the main town, the tax gold will be great! regroup your friends now and sharpen your weapons for the battle.

    Many server started with the csro files has failed very hard, and in my opinion the only problem was the bots, there were no bot software working on this files, so we decided to allow boting in the server because we understand that you people have a life and don't have to play 24hours a day, who wants that anyway?

  • Max Plus | +15
    We couldn't leave it just like that, we had to make a max limit for the alchemy, because you know? everything is expected specially at silkroad alchemy, someone's luck might be in the sky and make a freaking high plus while some other players can't make +10 item, so we decided to limit the max plus to [+15] its fair and decent for everyone, but challenging.

  • Advanced Elixirs
    Who needs an advanced elixir in a modern server? Think anyone is right? So we decided to complete it, it's time to show your chemistry skills to others now, remember that the maximum addition is +15 without advanced elixir, so you should reach it without progress.

  • EXP & SP
    Experience rate won't be your biggest fear, we didn't make it very hard to reach the max level, at the same time we didn't make it easy so its custom, you will be having fun making party with your friends over night plvling right?

  • GOLD
    Gold drop rate is very custom, we didn't want to increase it much so people have to rush to make trade and make the job more active, and more entertaining.

  • DROP
    Items drop rate is suitable for the experience rate, not over but decent. you won't find gbots who picking items and sell at npc to make gold, because all items price is not expensive. just enough for your pots.

  • JOB
    We increased the job rates to make the job activities more entertaining for all players, Also you won't face any difficulties leveling up your job level to equip the new job suits. so, are you ready for the hype?

    Alchemy is one of the most entertaining systems in silkroad history, to be honest we didn't make it easy XD, you will be challenged to reach a high plus Alchemy is 1x the same as old silkroad, now your turn to show your alchemy skills.

I want to explain something before we start talking about our features. The System of the game is job-based, however, it’s also based on unique The​
hunting, that means if you're a Unique addict, you will be able to spend your time collecting precious items, also if you’re someone who’s great at business that loves collecting gold and decent items, our game will allow you to do that! The system is based on the players volition, we guarantee that you will be having fun here!​
Give you everything for free so you can try everything and we think this will give you the ability to have fun in the experience​
Start With - Level 140
Start With - 300b
Start With - 10M SP
Start With - 1x Scroll 1m Silk
Start With - Full Items D14 [Style D15]
Plus 15

START ITEMS AtGrand Opening
To give you a boost in your journey, we adding a wonderful loot that definitely will be a helpful in your road to the glory, this items will remain as start items forever so don't hesitate to change your character anytime.

Quest Beginers

Frist you Need To PM This NPC [ Let's Start HERE! [ Click here ] ]

Second You Need to Kill 10 Monstor To Up your Level TO 57 and Get 10x Reverse Scroll

To help you stack you items, stones and loot. we increase the capacity of items stack to the max, you won't face any problems regarding your inventory slots now. some items has stack of 250, and others has stack up to 1000, some items has stack up to 10,000!​

We made a tough regarding the SOX balance, we didn't want OP items and Accossery which will lead to unbalanced gaming, so we decided​
to settle on only 2 tybes of SOX Items wich is {SEAL OF Nova & SEAL OF Moon}. About Weapons 3 tybes of SOX{SEAL OF Nova & SEAL OF Moon & SEAL OF Legend}​
SEAL OF Nova D13:
We Add the seal of Sun items & Weapons & Accossery D13 To Help Noope Players With [1 Gold ]​

SEAL OF Nova D14:
We Add the seal of Sun items & Weapons & Accossery D13 To Make More Help Noope Players With [ Arena Coin ].​

We increased the seal of Moon items to be [LAST TIER +3.5] with a little bit increase reinforces.​
NPC Eur Items

NPC CH Items

You can obtain the seal of Moon items from the SOX npc located at Hotan, the needed currency to buy it​
is (ARENA COINS & GOLD [1B] & Job Point & Awakening Glass of Tear & Awakening Red Crystal & Awakening Elixir Powder & Awakening Stone of Acc & Weapon & Armor)​
#COINS & Awakening & Advanced Elixir & Job Point

You can obtain arena coins from the Monstor Bughdad & Samarkand, not only that you can get arena coins from killing all uniques.​

HOW TO OBTAIN Advanced Elixir:
You can obtain Advanced Elixir from the Elite Pudding Monsters & Samarkand, not only that you can get Advanced Elixir from Item Mall.​
Drop Advanced Elixir C & D [D13 Medium & D14 Hard]

You can obtain Job Point Only From Trade From Hotan To alexandria.​
Emergency order Jop Point Only Working At Trade 5 Star Only

Trade Limite Reset Evedy 24 Hours

Video System Trade

HOW TO OBTAIN Legand Weapons & SHIELD?
You can obtain the seal of Legand Weapons & shield from forgotten world talismans collection, you can Find the dimension holes.​

We own Two kinds of obtain Seal Of Legand Dgree 14 Type [1] Style D14 & Tayp [2] Style D15
China Weapons & SHIELD?

Europe Weapons & SHIELD?


We added a precious drops from all uniques to make uniques hunting more interesting and challenging for all players, it will be intense battle to get the kill now.

#System Rank UNIQUES


#Reward Rank UNIQUES

1#500 SIlk + This Scroll

2#300 SIlk + This Scroll

3#100 SIlk + This Scroll

To prevent buggers from destroying the fun in the game, we added some delays and limits to make a fair gaming.
  • Exchange & Stall delay [ 30 Sec ]
  • Berserker delay [ 20 Sec ]
  • Exit delay [ 30 Sec ]
  • Global chat delay & Restricted to level 60 [ 30 Sec ]
  • Drop goods at town [ disabled ]
  • Auto attack bug [ disabled ]
  • Fellow Pets under Job Mode [ disabled ]
  • Berserk bug [ disabled ]
  • Attack pet disabled during FW [ disabled ]
  • Mode Trace Player in FW [ disabled ]
  • Drop items inside towns {SAFE ZONE} is [ disabled ]
  • Restart Game [ disabled ]
  • Bots In FW [ disabled ]
  • Bots In CTF [ disabled ]

  • Lock & Unlock System
  • Video Lock & Unlock System

We nerfed all OP skills to match the other builds, all skills and builds are tested and matching perfectly, we are leaving
you the rest of testing at the beta phase, and you will like That or Not.

We added a various special npcs to suit the systems, and make the game more interesting.

    GOODS: Sells Dress & Hat & Acc avatars & Wings, [old Style].

    You Can Buy New Avatar Style at Item Mall​

    GOODS: Sells the titles Color scrolls.​

    *Tablets NPC
    GOODS: Sells Lucky Magic Powder & Stone Red & Green.​

    *Money + Flag NPC

    GOODS: Sells different items with normal gold & Flag.​

    *Hero Rank Manger NPC [Quest Man]

In this section we are going to show you some extra stuff that is not very necessary but had to be written in the thread so you have the complete full idea of the game.
  • Silk Per Hour
    We said before we don't want a pay2play server, so we decided to add silk per hour beside the automatic events & Unqiues & CTF, so you can get much silks without any donation! you will get 1 silk every hour.

  • Academy

    You Can Found it AT Graduates

  • Plus Notice

    A fancy notice will appear with your name and your item name when you make plus 10 or higher, do you best now!

  • AFK Bubbles

    If you stay idle in game for a few minutes a bubbles effect will appear on top of your character.

  • AFK Detector

    If you Go AFK At CTF You Will Take DC Automatic

We added 12 automatic event, you will never get bored playing the server, all events will be rewarding you with silk, totally play2win right? that's what we wanted to build, a fully play2win server, everyone is equal
    Once you see the notice announcement, you have to search for GM in-order to win the event.
    Round: 3 Rounds

    Once you see the notice announcement, you have to find the unique and kill him in-order to win the event.
    Round: 3 Rounds

    Once you see the notice announcement, you have to try to reach the number that the bot announced in-order to win the event.
    Round: 1 Rounds

  • Last Man Standing
    Once you see the notice announcement, register and bot will teleport you to some place and start killing players, and the Last player will be the winner.

    Once you see the notice announcement, you have to move to the GM character at specific place, and start killing it, the player who hit last hit will be the winner.
    Round: 3 Rounds

    Once you see the notice announcement, move to the specific area which the bot will say, he will drop items and ask you to make a certain plus, first one who reach it will be the winner.
    Round: 1 Rounds

    DESC: [/ B] Once you see the notice announcement, you have to register and the bot will start the event.
    REWARD: [/ B] 50 SILK
    • DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, all you will do it to register, the bot will choose random person and he will be the winner.
    • Round: 1 Rounds
    • REWARD: 20 SILK
    • DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, you have to re-arrange the word and send it to the bot, first one who make it right will be the winner.
    • Round: 3 Rounds
    • REWARD: 5 SILK
    • DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, you have to answer the question, first person who answer correct will be the winner.
    • Round: 3 Rounds
    • REWARD: 5 SILK


    We have added too many features on our website to help every player & Ofcourse it is useful for the players!
    • Top players based on item points.
    • Top guilds based on total item points.
    • Top unique killers.
    • Top Honor Buff.
    • Last Global Writing. Can Read this Only [WTS-WTB]
    • Job ranking.
    • Account panel (Change password / Change E-Mail)
    • System View Character Items.

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