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Veronica Online | CAP 100 | CH ONLY | Old School | Play 2 Win | 23/11/2016
Veronica Online | CAP 100 | CH ONLY | Old School | Play 2 Win | 23/11/2016

Hello and welcome. We want to give you information about this big server. We built this server to provide you an original, exciting and fun system. And this server is for individual players, clans, groups, students, working people,... briefly for everyone. We preapared a new and promising system to excite you already and we made the Silkroad Online much more fun. The game is not oldschool, but we made some interesting changes. We pushed the boundaries of what we can do with Silkroad vSro files, and we made it perfect by integrating the old and the new systems. We made a lot new changes and new systems for a smooth game experience. We tested everything by ourselves and we developed the system we have been working on for a very long time. We hope that we will spend very fun and exciting time with the people who are with us. 


Basic features;

Type Cap
Mastery Lvl
Chinese only.
Party Exp
Sox Rate
All Working.
All working.
All regions enabled except for Alexandria & Jangan cave.
Item Mall
Fully working.
Guild/Union Emblem
Fortress war
Jangan & Hotan.
Not only balanced, but also fair.
Guild Limit
Union Limit
Battle Arena
Capture The Flag
İP Limit

Web Site 
FaceBook 63Jid.png

  • Entry
As the Veronica Team, we are a group of Silkroad players. Each of us helped the server with the sects we analyzed.
We offer this community a friendly, stress-free and peaceful atmosphere, which people can communicate with each other and make friends.
And we are a hardworking professional team.
  • Our Offer
We offer you here an enthusiastic game and a stable server. We are sure that you heard this before many times and it didn’t work for a long time BUT please read this thread once again. You will see that VeronicaSro is not a server to gain profit. We don’t say just pay2win, we want you to find it out on your own. One of our specialties is that every player can reach every silkroad item, which is important for competition. 
  • About Server Features
According to our server features, every player can enjoy the game without donations. Despite the fact that the bots are very suitable for players who are working and have no time for playing actively, unfortunately they cause the game looks like dead. We are sure that you mostly can't decide if you should use a bot or have a little fun. Usually having fun costs time. But in our server it isn’t like that. You can boost your character while you are active and talk about Sox equipments. For example, you can gain SOM weapons from FGW , SOM chlotes with Drop and SOM jewelry from other activities like BattleArena. We set a very fun and hard balanced Alchemy for the players, who are good with Alchemy. 
  • The Importance of donations for us
Donations are very important for some reasons and we’re sure that you all know this. But sometimes in some servers the excessive donations of donors make the game a real mess. Who spends money, that will win in Silkroad game, we all accept this fact. Especially a player without a Devil or Premium can never challenge another player. Because of that we made a balanced configuration and we will explain about it more in other chapters.
  • Why Veronica
It’s imple because ve provide a stable and balanced game for every player. It’s simple because Veronica gives you a peaceful atmosphere where you can hang out with your friends and make new friends. You will have unforgettable and perfect memories in Veronica. No staff member has an in-game account and there is no help in the game in Veronica. There will be always fun in Veronica, our Veronica Team will always be there for you. And Veronica will make your visual life much more interesting.
  • Special Rates
All rates are modified as high rates to help you boost faster and reach the fun. The truth is that we tried to keep the rates possibly minimum.As we know, other private servers are 100 times more than Isro and this causes the death of the server in a short time. Now a player can have everything in Isro just in a month with enough SP at the beginning. But also the rates have to be not so high, and not so low either. This can cause the players to choose Isro. Shortly, our rates are fairly balanced to keep the server alive for a long time. 
  • Balanced Silk Items
The truth is that a private server can survive only with the Item Mall. We cannot remove it but we modified it in the best form. For example some items increase the damage power very much. We balanced this. The difference between Premium and Devil Items are too much. According to this we lowered their values. And we provide a much more balanced game experience this way. The gap between is really big and we will explain how you can gain this items without making a donation.

  • Sox Equipment Balance
The first issue of all players is to gain items. You have to kill monsters for sets, FGW for weapons and you have to go to the BattleArena and make coins for Accessary items. Those are the most entertaining activites of the game. 
  • About Taking Items
  • Normal Weapons; You can gain only from monsters.

  • Normal Jewelry; You can gain only from monsters.

  • Normal Clothes; You can gain only from monsters.

  • Normal Shield; You can gain only from monsters.

  • Seal Of Star Weapons; You can gain only from monsters.

  • Seal Of Star Jewelry; You can gain only from monsters.

  • Seal Of Star Clothes; You can gain only from monsters.

  • Seal Of Star Shield; You can gain only from monsters.

  • Seal Of SOM Weapons; You can gain from FGW.You can g oto 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade, 4th and 5th are closed. You can take teleport Stones from NPC for free. Talisman rate is original Isro system.

  • Seal Of SOM Jewelry; You can buy it from NPC with ArenaCoin that you gain in BattleArena.

  • Seal Of SOM Clothes; You can gain only from monsters.

  • Seal Of SOM Shield; It added to the FGW Uniques and Job Temple Uniques as Drop. The rate of chance is low.

  • Seal Of Sun Update

  • We think that it’s not a good idea to bring the SuN items at the opening of the game. Because of that, we will bring the SuN items part by part with updates and we will decide with surveys how and when you can gain those items and we will inform you about that. 

  • 03.03.2017 Upgrade to add Sun weapons/shields with upgrade

  • 16.03.2017 Update to add SuN Chests.

  • 23.03.2017 Update to add SuN Heads.

  • 03.04.2017 Update to add SuN Legs.

  • 10.04.2017 Update to add SuN Shoulders.

  • 17.04.2017 Update to add SuN Hands & Foots.

  • 24.04.2017 Update to add SuN Rings.

  • 31.04.2017 Update to add SuN Necklace

  • 07.05.2017 Update to add SuN Earing.
Hyperfilter: DDoS Protection Solutions is a service provider specializing in DoS/DDoS Protected services.

  • You can buy the 10DG Normal items with gold from Donwhang, Blacksmith and Agol.

  • There isn’t any EU icons or texts in the game. They’re removed.

  • Tablet and Stones are removed from drop, you can buy from NPC with gold.

  • Magic pop is disabled.


  • 60% Experience helper.

  • 100% Experience helper.

  • 10k HP Recovery potion. (X-Large)

  • 10k MP Recovery potion. (X-Large)

  • 20 Drug of typoon.

  • 10 Instant return scroll.

  • 7 Days Rabbit Summon Scroll.

  • 1 Pegasus.

  • 1 %50 Exp Scroll.

  • There will be given SOS item support between 1-9 dg to help you level up easier. 
    The introduction is, when you reach some levels, if you teleport, there will be an automatic item support system between 1-9 dg.


  • We added the old Job Suits to NPC for 25 gold coin to remind to the oldschool Silkroad. You can buy and use them

  • Every Saturday Roc will spawn in his room at 17:00 with the server time. After you killed elites and monsters, he will spawn in 10 minutes.

  • You can gain 300 Silk Scroll from him.

  • You can gain normal items between 98-100.

  • Medusa will spawn everyday at the Cleopatra’s Gate and after you killed her she will re-spawn in 24 hours. The reward is 10 Silk Scroll.

  • Job temple Selket - Neith - Anubis – Isis will spawn at their original place and original time. And the gate will be open between particular hours, if you will kill uniques in this time, you will gain rewards. This rewards are:

  • Selket - Neith; (%40 Title) - (%100 – 1piece 5 Silk Scroll) 

  • Anubis - İsis; (%70 Title) - (%100 – 1piece 10 Silk Scroll)

  • Spawn time according to the server time Selket - Neith; 20:00 

  • Spawn time according to the server time Anubis - Isis; 22:00

  • The monsters between 95-99 will spawn at Samarkand Central Asias area and they will re-spawn in 1ms after they’re killed.

  • The monsters between 90-95 will spawn at Samarkand Asia Minor are and they will re-spawn in 1 ms after they’re killed.

  • The monsters between 90-97 will spawn at Dowhang Cave area and they will re-spawn in 1ms after they’re killed.

  • Hotan Taklamakan, Roc Mountain, Eastern Europe, Karakoram, Tarim Basin, Tiger Mountain, Giryeon Mountain areas are left with the original monsters as they were. Spawn rates are increased and they will re-spawn in 1 ms after they’re killed.

  • The amount of monsters in the Picture may be less, but it’s a Picture from the testing process. Normally there are more monsters.

  • FGW is the area that you have to go to gain your SOM weapons. In this area, talismans come from the boxes and when you complete your talisman collection, you can go to the Guild Manager Musai in Hotan and you can take quest from him. You can give him your collections and he will give you SOM weapons.

  • You can take Dimension Hole Stones from the ringmakers in Samarkand and other areas. Stones are maximum 3, 4 and 5 aye closed. Once you go to the Lost World, you will have to wait 5 hours to go again.

  • Debuffs probability at Force decreased from %80 to %60.

  • Added 30 seconds cool down on the cure series.

  • Added 1 minute cool down on the rebirth series.

  • Impotent debuff has been completely removed.
  • Old and new, there are a total of 120 dress suits.

  • Character Skin change.

  • %60 Exp Helper , %100 Exp Helper.

  • Instant Return Scroll.

  • Reverse Return scroll.

  • Damage %20 increase scroll.

  • Damage %20 absorption scroll.

  • %60 resurrection scroll.

  • %100 resurrection scroll.

  • Global chatting.

  • Storage expansion.

  • Inventory expansion.

  • Growth Pet.

  • Ability Pet.

  • Vehicle.

  • Trans.

  • Pet İtems.

  • Premium Gold Time.

  • Devil (A) Grade.

  • Extension gear.

  • Devil's Spirit magicstone

  • Astral

  • İmmortal

  • The Premium feature Plus and other high featured premiums are disabled, because they disrupt the balance in the game.

  • You need Arena Coins to buy items from Arena Item Manager. You need to join random matched battles to gain Arena Coins. You can’t join arena with an extra bot character, you can join just 1 character from each PC. You can buy this items with the coins you gain from the battles:

  • Seal Of Star; Jewelry

  • Seal Of Moon; Jewelry

  • Wizard's Costume W-M

  • Normal ADV+2

  • SOX ADV+2

  • You need 2 different coins in the game. You will use Arena Coins and Gold Coins to buy some items and features, unless we bring a new system. Here’s an information about gaining these coins.

  • You can buy Gold Coins from NPC with golds. It’s the most valuable coin in the game. You can’t gain Gold Coins from anywhere else.

  • You can gain Arena Coins only from BattleArena. You can’t gain them from anywhere else. You can buy SOM Jewelry and some other items from NPC with Arena Coins.
  • BattleArena will be active everyday between 16:00-01:00 and there will be random matches.

  • We think that it’s not a good idea to start other auto events in the day the server opens. The system already requires much exertion. Other activities like Lost GM, Alchemy, PT Forum, Lastman, PVP Event and Gladiator System will start when the game will be stable.
  • Fortress War will be every Sunday between 20:00-21:30 according to the server time.

  • There are 2 fortress. The war will be in Jangan and Hotan. The tax rates of some NPC’s in Samarkand and Dowhang are changed proportionally.
  • You can buy Guild and Job Penalty with Golds.

  • Global Cooldown is a global that is designed to prevent from excessively moves like spam. When you use it, you can use another global after 10 seconds.

  • Silk Scroll; you can buy them from NPC with your Silks. There is a total of 9 Silk Scrolls as 50-100-200-300-400-500-1000-2000-3000. This scrolls are designed for you using safely in trades.

  • Stall, Exit , ESC , Restart, and some other bugs are blocked.

  • BattleAren HWID 1

  • Job Suits HWID 1

  • Fortress War HWID 1

  • BattleArena Lvl Limit 100

  • ROC Arena HWID 1
  • Level up (You will experience the oldschool level up excitement here)

  • Trade (You will live here the old Job wars you have missed, again with the most pleasurable state. )

  • Alchemy (It’s not easy and when you try it, you will experience that excitement again )

  • Stall, trade (We will re-live the taste and trade knowledge that the clean items are in stalls and the trade is in the foreground like the old days )

  • PVP (The wars will be struggle and tasteful as much as in the old days. The areas are Samarkand and Dowhang)

  • vSRO server files 188

  • Client v1.0

  • Usual bugs are fixed

  • Stable

  • Exploits Guard (ProjectHax)

  • Anti-DDoS system (Hyperfilter)

  • No lag (decent server machine)

  • Auto database backup in every hours

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