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100 CAP | TrioSRO | Cap 100| Silks For Job | Exchange&Unique System|
| TrioSRO | Cap 100| Silks For Job | Exchange&Unique System|
Son Düzenleme: 29.10.2016, Saat: 23:17, Düzenleyen: TrioSRO.
Welcome to Trio Sro. We have to build a perfect team at least I think. We got developers

with a lot of experience trust me we won't disappoint you. I'm one of the admins of Trio

and I would love to introduce you to Trio. So Trio has been online for quite a long time

now and has been stable since then with over 50 online daily and growing every day since

the opening! We didn't really advertise the server at all because we wanted to focus on the

stability and the features of the server and make sure that everything is working actually

it was kind of beta but we just don't want people to lose the characters as a lot of people

donated and spent quite a long time playing it on the server since day one. We got a small

team so it might take the time to do some stuff. But the development and improvement of the

server is number one priority for us we got a very good developer that does stuff right and

fast he is smart and knows a lot of coding languages he has no problem in doing simple and

advanced so stuff every week we try to implement new stuff so people don't get bored. As of

that, we strive to make a pleasant place for SRO community by adding frequent updates and

news. We are not doing this for money as the server has been paid off for one year so you

assure you that we won't close out of random or that because we don't have players. We will

be online as much as possible.
The database is saved every hour and another sent to our server instantly so if something

goes to hell we can fastly recover everything. Stability is number one priority for us

that's why we got a good protection and everything but we lack advertising because we

wanted to focus on protection the server it's lag free we got great hosting companies.
As I said the server is not created in order to make profit our only expense is the fee for

hosting. This server is made to have fun with friends that're why you can get everything by

playing no one is forcing you to donate. The gameplay is fair and balanced at the same time

you are experiencing smooth and lag less server for free. There are a lot of servers out

there and personally, I think that this server is one of the best out there just without

the players, you might play that server but you won't feel the same as you would play on

Trio most of the servers are in one way or another pay 2 win as we all know it and Trio is

100% free to play as you can earn unlimited silk via jobbing. Enough of me talking crap

lets get into the server features, shall we? First here are the links if you already want

to join us.



Release Date
04/09/2016 - September 4th 2016

Forum Signature:
If you are a player and would like to support us on the forums here is the signature for


• First players reward
We are giving away a reward for people who reach the max lvl first! There are only 100

slots available. The reward is 100 silk oh and also you can only learn the 100 silk

per 1 ip. So don't waste the time and join the server. We might re-activate the event to

0/100 for new players.

• Server Rates

Information|Rates ect:
Degree| 10/11
Skills CAP| 200EU/300CH
Cap| 100
Alchemy Rate| 2
Solo EXP| 80
Sp Rates| 160
Guild Limit| 50
IP Limit| 4
Job Penalty?| 0
Job Rates| 80
Drop Rate| 30
Fellow Pets| Yes
Race| CHN/EU
Fortress war|  Hotan&Bandit
Battle Arena| Enabled
Job Temple| Enabled
Special Trade| Enabled
CTF| Enabled
Botting allowed| Yes
Sox| New system
Guild Penalty| No
Exploit Protected?| Yes
Magic POP| Yes
Socket System| Yes
Ticket Sytem| Yes
Unique Point System| Yes
Silks for trade| YES!

• New Job System
We got a pretty nice system for trading to make people trade basically and this is why this

server is playing 2 win my friend. Basically, you get rewarded silk for doing jobbing.

However, to receive the silks you have to be lvl 7 jobs when you require lvl 7. You receive

7 silks into the account. After that, the job level resets for the character to 0 and you

can repeat the process unlimited times! So boyz go do some jobbing and earn the silks.

• Vigors
So at the CAP 100 vigors is a big deal and we have made it so it is 15% because It's needed

for euro and if we make it more than 15% it  can be abused by Chinese.

• Starter Items

Here is the list of the starter items.
- 1000 hp/mp
- 20 Return Scrolls
- Devil spirit 5 % (7 days)
- Bear !
- Grab pet (3 days)
- Moving speed scrolls
- Dress
- Inventory expansion
- 10 million gold
- 10 million skill points


• New shops
We have added new shops you can watch the video or simply look at the pictures. On

pictures, you won't see the prices of the items. However, on the video, you can see all the

prices. All the NPC's are located in Jangan.



• Edit on Chn skills

We have changed some skills as this is EU/CHN server we all know that CHN ain't the best

here and have no chance against EU unless you are a got and not a crying kid. I don't see a

point of changing what is already balanced as the game was created perfectly by Joymax but

ay what ever here are the changes.




• Free Titles

When you create a character you will appear with a title. [CH]Trio Player or [EU]Trio



• How to get last gear?

The server is made so you can get items gear by botting. Forget dem coin system server or

trading for different points to purchase the god damn weapon or even the talismans.... Ok

We got DG 11 SUN gear and we also got DG 10 som/the sun. To obtain 11DG you have to kill

mobs "Dark Sandman" "Blood Sandman" the Blue area. To obtain DG 10 you basically

have to kill "Mangyang Plunders" and "Red Wolfs" in the Red area.



We also have Legendary weapons and the system is pretty simple you hunt mobs in Baghdad and

they will drop special elements and with them, you can craft the ticket to the Arabian Tomb

aka Legendary Garden in that Garden, you will find unique and they have a chance to drop

any DG 11 Legendary weapons.

Here is a video to show how to craft legendary Ticket.

Also, you can get accessories legendary only from forgotten world from treasure box the

higher shipwreck you will go the higher chance you got to drop.

• Unique Points

We got a system that unique gives points and with the point you can buy loads of sutff for

example magic pop and scrolls like attack rate, parry rate and damage. We also have special

uniques as you can see in the spoilers.


1 Point (Titans)

- Tiger Girl (Titan)
- Captain Ivy (Titan)
- Uruchi (Titan)
- Cerberus (Titan)
- Isyutaru (Titan)
2 Points (Titans)

- Demon Shaitan (Titan)
- Lord Yarkan (Titan)

Normal Uniques

3 Points

- Tiger Girl
- Captain Ivy
- Uruchi
- Cerberus
- Isyutaru

Normal Uniques # 2

4 Points

- Tomb General Hyun
- Demon Shaitan
- Lord Yarkan

Special Uniques

5 Points

- White Knight (Full STR & Full Int)
- Princess Miyene (Full STR)
- Tai Sui (Full STR & Full Int)
- Rage Cloud (Full STR & Full Int)
- Battle Golem (Full STR)
- Gnome (Full STR & Full Int)
- Giant Demon (Full STR & Full Int)
- Karkadann (Full STR & Full Int)
- Khulood (Full STR & Full Int)


Here are the places where the special unique spawn.[/SPOILER]


• Events
We got some auto events running in server.

We got alchemy event which is daily and starts at 15:00 - 15:20 and the second time it

happens on 20:00 - 20:20. To check how much points you got you can do that while being in

the game just type in chat !alchemy event. When you are doing alchemy at that time you will

be getting points when you fail you lose points when you the success you gain points. TOP

10 players will receive 5 silks.

We also have Job War Event daily.
It starts 13:00 - 14:00 and the second time 18:00 - 19:00. At the time of the event, you

can be killing opposite job and gain points 1 kill 1 point. Also, you can receive points

from job unique.




Points you can be checked at Item Mall. Points can be changed by typing !jobpoints into the

all chat. Important the job points will be transfared to storage but you have to have at

least 1 item in the storage for it to work.

• New Job Caves

We got new job caves so you can choose which one you prefer.

• Exhange system all degress

• Updates
New Trans Pet Moved to Job Shop
• Fire Wall(Fortress) have now 25320HP
• Today we open Forgotten World Shipwreck ? //? ? //? ? ? //? ? ? ?
Dimension Hols you know where to find. If not look on Baghdad you have a lot of Pilars

What you can get on Shipwreck ? Legendary Accessories!From Boxes and last Unique. So gather

up some friends and go on adventure together.
• Add more spawn places on Blood Sandman's.
• Edited possibility exchange Magic Dusts (elements) with other players.
• Edited max stack of Crystal Scroll of Legendary Ticket now its 100 units.
• Add Six Horns of Garment,Protector,Heavy armor etc
• Disable Jangan Fortress
• Enable Bandit Fortress & Hotan Fortress
• Fixed Command Post (Fortress War)
• Deleted from Drop Magic POP cards
• Add for Uniques Points Magic POP cards
• Add Magic POP cards on CTF reward
• Add to the Magic POP Npc Devil Spirit 15 %
• Incease Magic POP rate.
• Add Fortress Reward for all Members (Wining Guild )not only
Leader. After Fortress all will get Guild Coin.
Coins you can change for Scroll of Gold or Battle Hammer.


• Website Update

• ?We placed on our Gallery Three pictures of WINNERS Picture Event
• Unique Points Ranking
• Last Unique Kills
• Global Chat
• Mobile Payment (Automatic) - all Countries
• Top 100 Thiefs Job (with correct names)
• Top 100 Traders Job (with correct names)
• Top 100 Hunters Job (with correct names)

• Auto Equipment
We got auto equipment from you can get it from lvl 1-92

| Europe | Auto equipment System

| China | Auto equipment System

• Team
Developer/Owner - Trio
Co owner - Dizzy
Support - Airis
Support - Caesy
RE: | TrioSRO | Cap 100| Silks For Job | Exchange&Unique System|
RE: | TrioSRO | Cap 100| Silks For Job | Exchange&Unique System|
Son Düzenleme: 05.10.2016, Saat: 21:30, Düzenleyen: TrioSRO.
Active Community :

RE: | TrioSRO | Cap 100| Silks For Job | Exchange&Unique System|
Update :


Vote System :


When you vote Successfull
Points you will recive on Storage :


Before you try (Cheating):

When you click on Vote Button please finish your vote do not click back because at result you will not get reward and you will have to wait until Next Vote.

For every Vote you getting 2 points which you can exchange for items in the game :



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