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Sun World

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100 CAP Destruction [Dg10] [Cap 100] [S/h] [FGW] [Mid rates] [AutoEvents] [Daily Reward]
Destruction [Dg10] [Cap 100] [S/h] [FGW] [Mid rates] [AutoEvents] [Daily Reward]

Hello Everyone,

We are Introducing Destruction Hope you check our server and rate it .

General information :
Server is : online
Website : Destruction
Download Page : Download
Register Page : Register
Photos and information about game and incoming updates : Game Features

Server Rates :
★ Cap 100
★ Pve Server
★ Race Eu/Ch
★ Exp x70
★ Sp x57
★ Party Exp x100
★ Gold x57
★ Item Drop x50
★ Alchemy 1.5x
★ Zerk x2
★ FGW : Working With Reward (Sun) Weapon Dg 10 lv 100
★ Silk : silk/h (1 silks per Hour Online after you get lv 90 )
★ Max Plus at game +12 (no Adv. )
★ Honor Buff
★ Fortress war (Jangan ) maybe later will add the others
★ Stall & Consignment
★ New Quests
★ New Avatars
★ New Uniques
★ New Area
★ New Pets
★ Awesome Features

Website Features :
at Support tab you can find important things for you

User panel :

Char Panel  :

all ranks working fine :

New CTF System :
Event So ok every 1 hour with reward 1 kill = 1 Job coin

Important Drops:

job coin  from event so ok [1kill = 1 coin]
All uniques at game Drop coins
Normal uniques [Tiger girl uru isy lord demon etc... Drop coins and immortal + Astral
Check this page for all unqiues spots : Destruction uniques Places

Moon and Sun Dg10 Item Drop from all baghdad mobs or you can get it via awaken for [set and acc]
 weapons sun dg10 lv 100 from FGW

Destruction Coin From  FTW  + Quests + all uniques at game
Gold Coin From Quests
Copper Coin From Quests
Iron Coin Baghdad . .,Arabia Coast ., Manho

Starter Items :

New Custom Teleports :
Item Mall :
Dg 10 sos item add for 1 gold to help you with attacking and FGW

Old Avatars [for 1 gold]
  SRO_2015_11_16_13_26_36_72.jpg SRO_2015_11_16_13_26_36_72.jpg  

Alchemy Dg10 Shop :
 SRO_2015_11_16_13_30_55_46.jpg SRO_2015_11_16_13_30_58_85.jpg SRO_2015_11_16_13_31_09_37.jpg

Pet Shop :
 SRO_2015_11_16_13_27_59_87.jpg SRO_2015_11_16_13_28_06_46.jpg

Quests Manager :
[img=0x0][/img] SRO_2015_11_16_13_32_10_38.jpg SRO_2015_11_16_13_32_14_05.jpg

Some Uniques Places :
 SRO_2015_11_12_14_42_47_91.jpg [img=0x0][/img] [img=0x0][/img] SRO_2015_11_12_14_46_14_62.jpg SRO_2015_11_12_14_46_42_61.jpgand some uniques at new rooms  

[B]How to get set sun ?[/B]
you need to buy the dead item from npc and awakening stone from item mall and the other awakening from Baghdad mobs 

Goods NPC :
 [img=0x0][/img] [img=0x0][/img]

Avatars Shop :
Dark Avatars   [img=0x0][/img] Devil + Back Avatars   [img=0x0][/img]   

Shots From Acc & Set Shops :
 [img=0x0][/img] SRO_2015_11_16_13_27_40_33.jpg [img=0x0][/img] [img=0x0][/img]  [img=0x0][/img] Sun shields [img=0x0][/img]

Global working only if you are lv 90 or higher :

So how to get weapon Sun lv 100 Weapons ? :S
 You can find Dimension Hole at F10 [item mall ]
 use it to go to FGW
 then , collect Books and make the quest at "Hotan palace "
  the you will get your weapon sun 
Where awakening elixirs etc...
 [img=0x0][/img] [img=0x0][/img] [img=0x0][/img]

All World's Flags Are added only for fun :

Daily reward System
we added it to make players more active
so everyday you will login to the game you will get a reward
after you get the MSG make teleport and check your storage

happy Event
Added happy Event at [Event so ok ] so you can get scrolls zerks etc...

upgrade system
upgrade system at shields [ get shield sun and make it +12 then use the scroll to get lv 100 shield new shape +5 ]

 Lv100 Items :
screenshot_467.png  [/quote]
FGW Weapons Shape :

Lvl 100 Shields :

Auto Events :

Uniques Event
it's a well known event for all start every day at DH South gate
where the Auto event load uniques which drop coins .

Trivia Event
question and answer event for reward silks
so by only answering the question right you will get 3 silks !
event happens 2 times per day every time from 3 rounds .

Lucky Party Event
Lucky party is a system where it saying the target party matching is ......
and who reach this matching 1st wins
working every 2 hours per day .

Search and Destroy
the Auto event char will go to a place hidden one and load a low lvl unique
you have to find that unique and kill it so you can win
working 1 time per day

Hide and Seek
This event also is well known and have to find the Auto event char only have to get closer to it so you can win the event
working 1 time per day

Kill The GM
on this event you have to open your cap and kill the GM char so you can win event place Dh South gate
working 3 times per day

Alchemy Event
on this event the Auto event will drop 50 items low dg and set a target plus
who reach that target 1st wins
also after the event finish all of the items will be removed
working 1 time per day

Last Man Standing
 on this event There are no rules just kill everyone around you, You have 10 minutes to kill or be killed
working 1 time per week

Lottery Event
on this event you have to register on it by sending " register " to AutoEvent
and it will choose a random winner
working 1 time per day

Most Online Player Per Day
every day at 23:59 [ gtm time +2] the bot make a notice with the most online player and reset the time to 0

The upcoming events
Auto PVP event
Most Online Char Per day [ Added ]

We hope you will give us a try and feel free to report about any idea which can Develop our game ...


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